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The art world needs to recognize the important contributions of women artists to digital art, but it also needs to recognize the significance of digital art itself.

 Agora Digital Art‘ s mission is to advocate and to promote the work of women and non-binary artists working in Digital Art.

Agora VR Exhibitions

Karl Harker, The Dream teaser (2022) video 00:45 min. @Courtesy of the artist

Group showOpen Call for Digital Artists: our next C4A opens for Spring 2022 with the topic of The Dream.

The unconscious, the illogical, the irrational – what is it about dreams and their uncanny nature that drives us towards conjuring fantastical explanations and mystical reports on their meanings? The depths of the internet have become a repository for dreams, hopes, irrational thoughts and vents – but are we asleep or awake? Sleepwalking or stationary? Is this a dream or a nightmare?

Concept Creator: Gabriella Gasparini

Video Creator: Karl Harker

Artworks: Any New Media Art format with a surreal touch

The Dream

Agora Artists in Residence

These are the permanent solo shows produced in collaboration with our women digital artists in residence and Metaxustudio.

Current Artist in Residency: Gertrūda Gilytė

Project: Neuroplasticity – I Love You Gertrūda

Digital Curator: Elizabeth Richardson

The project is the continuation of Gilytė’s theoretical research (personal development as a performative practice) and her previous Instagram-based durational work, using various mainstream positive psychology tools in order to improve my personal and professional life as well as attract success in the art field. It conceptually had to end with institutional acceptance, which happened in 2020.

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