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Ellie Niblock, With Love Nowhere (2020) from Instagram © Courtesy of the artist.

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Agora Digital empowers the digital artists’ community by promoting and sharing great artworks made by women in the New Media Art.

Agora Digital Art is a certified social enterprise that initiates dialogue around Digital Art and Technology.

Everything we do – from our talks, to our stories, podcasts, artists profiles, artists residencies, and VR exhibitions – is to offer you a different art experience.

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21.03.03 Digital Residency Lab: FEB 21: Samm Anga + Veronica Petukhov for Agora Digital Art

Agora Talk 18: Augmenting the Norm: Accessibility in The Future of Digital Art 

3 Mar at 18:30

Samm Anga and Veronica Petukov will discuss how they self-innovate a more democratic process for digital collaboration and AR.

The artists will introduce their collaborative residency project “”, an audio-visual piece that transmits their feelings towards 2020’s volatility.

21.03.10 Speculative Future. How Digital Art Creates Social Change? – Alice Scope for Agora Digital Art

Agora Talk 19: Speculative Future. How Digital Art Creates Social Change? 

10 Mar at 18:30 GMT | 13:30 NYC | 10:30 LA

Alice Scope, Digital Curator and Founder of Cultural Policy, will share her experience of virtual world creation and the construction of detailed identities in 3D characters.

NUMOMO x Agora Digital Art

Partner NUMOMO event: What is digital token art on the blockchain?

 5 March 2021 at 13:30 GMT, for digital artists and creatives.

Our new partner NUMOMO will help you to navigate the blockchain with a series of events. Learn how to succeed and use tokens.

Speakers: Scott Fuzion and Dr. Rolf Hoefer

Both founders will discuss the problems artists face in the digital age and how the blockchain can solve them.

They will discuss how artists can use NFTs to sell their digital art, develop their brand and engage their community.

W21 x Agora Digital Art

Announced: 24 March 2021 at 18:30 GMT

The discussion is related to W21’s 20/21 focus theme: dis/embodiment.

Speaker: Margot Mottaz, Associate Curator at Superblue

21.02.24: W21 Talk: Motif Institute _ Gretchen Andrew for Agora Digital Art

W21: Does AI Need a Body

Speakers: Gretchen Andrew  and Helene von Schwichow

Learn more about feminism and AI in this Women21Century talk.

21.02.17 Tamiko Thiel and Jon Uriarte for Agora Digital Art

Lend Me Your Face – Go Fake Yourself!

Tamiko Thiel, Multimedia artist and Jon Uriarte, Digital Curator at The Photographers’ Gallery for Lend Me Your Face – Go Fake Yourself! a participatory deep fake artificial intelligence project on view at TPG until 17 March 2021.

21.02.10 Agora Talk: Karen Levy, Art and Tech Entrepreneur and Collector for Agora Digital Art

DSLcollection: A Challenging Project between the Gaming and the Art experience

In exclusivity for Agora Digital Art, Karen Levy, ArtTechpreneur and Collector introduced us the “Forgetter”, the new VR Game concept to host the prestigious DSLcollection.

21.01.27 Lucy Wheeler from The Immersive Kind for Agora Digital Art

The Immersive Kind XR studio: Future Art Ecosystems

Lucy Wheeler, Co-founder and Creative Director at The Immersive Kind (IK) is an interdisciplinary collective working with artists, crafting machine intelligence, we work with neuroscientists, AI engineers, data scientists and bio architects.

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Be inspired by the work of emerging and established women digital artists.

ARTISTS PROFILE Gretchen Andrew for Agora Digital Art
ARTISTS PROFILE Carla Gannis for Agora Digital Art
ARTISTS PROFILE Rachel Rossin for Agora Digital Art
ARTISTS PROFILE Tamiko Thiel for Agora Digital Art
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Emma Shapiro, cut out, 2021 for Agora Digital Art Residency
Emma Shapiro, Cut outs from Cuerpas series (2021) © Emma Shapiro Courtesy of the artist.

March Resident: Emma Shapiro

Digital Curator: YoungMi Lamine


Project concept: Cuerpas

“Cuerpas” is an investigation including collage, layered video, layered projection, and performance elements. I expect to explore new ideas and take advantage of the support from Agora and their community to bring my work to new levels and audiences.

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VR Exhibition

Our VR exhibition is an ongoing group show and open to submissions.

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Tamiko Thiel, Sponge Space Trash Takeover – Mozilla Hubs virtual reality artwork (2020) © Courtesy of the artist.
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