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Ellie Niblock, With Love Nowhere (2020) from Instagram © Courtesy of the artist.

Agora Digital Art is a certified social enterprise that initiates dialogue around Digital Art and Technology.

Everything we do – from our virtual talks, artists residencies, VR exhibitions, to our stories and artists profiles – is to offer you a different art experience.

Agora Digital connects the audience in a larger shared community to expand perspectives and, hence, to participate in the democratisation of digital art.

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  • 21.01.27 Immersive Kind - Kadine James and Lucy Wheeler
  • The Immersive Kind Giff

The Immersive Kind XR studio: Future Art Ecosystems

The Immersive Kind (IK) is an interdisciplinary collective working with artists, crafting machine intelligence, we work with neuroscientists, AI engineers, data scientists and bio architects.

IK is an art and advanced technology organisation that’s focused on providing opportunities for emerging artists, diverse, underrepresented voices, and queer communities to exercise their ideas and their voices.


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Agora Talk: 10 February 2021 at 18:30 

Karen Levy, Aika Connections and co-founder of the dslcollection

Online since 2005 and one of the most impressive contemporary Chinese art collection; the dslcollection continues to innovate by using a VR game platform.

More info soon

Partner W21 event: 24 February 2021 at 18:30

MOTIF is an independent think tank that operates at the intersection of technology and society. In times of rapid technological change, we advise organisations and policymakers on responsible tech. We translate complex questions of the digital age into feasible formats. Our focus lies on artificial intelligence, mobility, and innovation.

Gretchen Andrew is best known as the SEO imperialist artist

More information soon.

Gretchen Andrew, Cover of Artforum (2020) © Courtesy of the artist.
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21.01.13 Agora Talk Monica Vlad

The sound in my head. A perfect moment for women in digital art

The talk is about how the artist, Monica Vlad, overcomes the fear of creating sound compositions and audiovisual live performances on stage, based on pure intuition and following the inner creative voices.

Agora Talk: Claudi Hart "Dolls House" 2020 at Agora Digital Art

Digital Art: Engaging Beyond the Screen

Mila Askarova and Claudia Hart, the pioneer digital women artist discussed the artist’s exhibition on view at London’s Gazelli Art House, the unveiling of Claudia Hart’s new series ‘An Imaginary Ruin” on until 10 January 2021.

Agora Talk: Lilia Ziamou - Digital Identities at Agora Digital Art

Digital Bodies as Narratives

Lilia Ziamou, multimedia artist, questioned our digital identity and representation.

Agora Talk: Or Williams "The Wedding March" 2020 at Agora Digital Art

A Female Digital Avatar of the Mind

Or Williams, multimedia artist, developed a new body of work related to digital filters and state of mind during Covid-19.

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Call for Emerging Women Artists using New Media and VR

This is Agora Digital Art new art Residency Lab to support emerging women in new media and virtual reality.

The digital residency is a virtual space for emerging women artists to explore new ideas, to create new media artworks, and to showcase their concept to an international community for a virtual exhibition.

Agora Digital Art Residency

VR Exhibition

Our VR exhibition is an ongoing group show and open to submissions.

Visit new VR exhibitions with or without a headset beyond your screen.

Snow Yunxue FuConjoin: Chapter 3 (2020) © Courtesy of the artist.
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