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A certified social enterprise, Agora Digital Art empowers our artists’ community by advocating works made by Womxn and Non-Binary in New Media Arts.

Open Call

Virtual Reality show for self-identified womxn and non-binary digital artists

@ Dust Concept (2021) artworks concept and creation – ed. YM Lamine © Courtesy of Dust Concept.

The Sublime

That feeling of being at once frightened and in awe, insignificant but at the same time invincible, eternal but also very finite and ephemeral – that’s the paradoxical sensation of the sublime! And as we enter ever more uncertain times, both technologically and existentially, the feeling of the sublime casts a shadow on our future, making us both wonder in anticipation and worry in trepidation. What scary frontiers are ahead of us in this ever-digital world? And what fascinations await?

Artworks: any New Media Art + 7 min. video related to the sublime

Exhibition: [maybe physical for 3-day in London] and certainly in VR Mozilla Hubs in Nov 2021

Deadline to apply: 5 Sep at 12:00 (noon) BST

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Womxn in Digital Art

Be inspired by the work of emerging and established Womxn digital artists.

Women Digital Artist: AI-Da Robot for Agora Digital Art
Woman Digital Artist - Lethabo Huma for Agora Digital Art
21.07.14 Women in Digital Art: Wednesday Kim for Agora Digital Art
Women in Digital Art: Rezaire Tabita For Agora Digital Art
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Artist Residency

Apply to Digital Residency  ►► Call for Womxn Artists in Digital Art 

Gabriela Reyes, Melting (2021) © Courtesy of the artist.

Current Resident: Gabriela Reyes

Digital Curator: Elizabeth Richardson

Project concept: More

The generative art project seeks to deepen the connotation of sensations, emotions or any physical alteration produced in a person from an abstract visual suggestion. Specifically, those suggestions that arouse romantic or erotic sensations. Through an experimental exploration of very high levels of abstraction in the visual interpretation of certain concepts, this project seeks to appeal to the transcendental thinking of the subject and his or her imaginative being, which is capable of building emotions and reliving sensations from a visual experience. […]

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Previous Artists in Residence

21.06.30 Joshanne Dar for Agora Digital Art

Project: Homo Ex-Machina, Now Playable

Artist in Residence: Joshanne Dar

21.05 Artist Residency - MissUniverseGAN - Fabiola Larios for Agora Digital Art

Project: MissUniverseGAN

Artist in Residence: Fabiola Larios

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