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A certified social enterprise, Agora Digital Art empowers our artists’ community by advocating works made by Women and Non-Binary in New Media Art.

VR Exhibitions

  • The Sublime 3.0 Fear and Awe - in partnership with for Agora Digital Art
  • Scene built by Metaxu.Studio -Meta5: The Sublime | VR Exhibit for Agora Digital Art
  • Scene built by Metaxu.Studio -Meta5: The Sublime | VR Exhibit for Agora Digital Art

The Sublime 3.0: Fear and Awe

Preview evening 26 October 2021 at 18:00 – 21:30 BST  |  13:00 NYC

Opening: 1 November 2021 – 31 March 2022

The group show gather 11 women digital artists and displays 14 artworks related to the theme of the digital sublime.

Partners Venues: designed, and on view @thewrong.biennale (Pavilion 37)

Concept creator: Gabriella Gasparini

Digital curator: Deen Atger

Exhibition producer: MiMi Lamine

Jury Panel: Deen Atger, Gabriella Gasparini, YoungMi Lamine, Francesca Miller and Sarah L. Roberts

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Digital Solo Exhibitions in virtual reality

These are the permanent solo shows produced in collaboration with our women digital artists in residence and

  • women in digital art: Irem Coban - Agora Digital Art
  • Woman in Digital Art: Irem Coban -Women in Proverbs for Agora Digital Art - Artist Residency

Wherever you are from and whichever language you speak, just think of a proverb that objectifies or disparages women. Most probably, you will come up with one, if not with many. Women in Proverbs provides a colourful criticism of the ways in which proverbs around the world depict women.

Visit Women in Proverbs
  • 21.09.08 Digital Resident: Gabriela Reyes for Agora Digital Art
  • Woman in Digital Art: Gabriela Reyes - Cero Tres -MORE by Gabriela Reyes for Agora Digital Art - Artist Residency

How would you depict a specific feeling or emotion? Gabriela Reyes uses visual programming to interpret romantic and erotic sensations through her unique exploration of abstract discourse. The result is the mesmerising multimedia, multisensory generative art project: m o r e .

visit m o r e
  • 21.03.31 Agora Talk 20 Emma Shapiro - Cuerpas for Agora Digital Art
  • Woman Digital Artist: Emma Shapiro - Cuerpas VR Exhibition curated by Agora Digital Art - Artist Residency

The woman’s figure served as the muse of the male gaze throughout art history. Only a few women artists have subverted this idea of woman as her own muse through self-portraiture. Cuerpas is a poignant visual exploration of the self, the female body and empowerment of identity that can arise when a woman goes on the other side of the camera.

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Women in Digital Art

Be inspired by the work of emerging and established women digital artists.

Women in Digital Art - Artist's Profile: Cao Fei - Agora Digital Art
Woman Digital Artist: Sian Fan - The Sublime - Agora Digital Art
Woman Digital Artist - Lethabo Huma for Agora Digital Art
Women in Digital Art: Rezaire Tabita For Agora Digital Art
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Call for Artists

Open Call for Digital Artists: our next C4A opens for Spring 2022 with the topic of “The Dream

Partner Venue designed by

Artist Residency

Current Residents: Amiss Collective

Digital Curator: Isabella Helms

Project concept: “honey, i’m home”);

Venue: Hubs Mozilla

Thanks to for your tutorial and support

“honey, i’m home”);


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