Women Network in Digital Art


The art world needs to recognise the important contributions of women artists to digital art, but it also needs to appreciate the significance of digital art itself.

 Agora Digital Art‘ s mission is to advocate and to promote the work of women and non-binary artists working in Digital Art.

Agora VR Exhibitions


Everything is a machine. Every machine is connected to another machine. Machines are driving other machines, machines are being driven by other machines. Every machine is a disruption in the flow and is a flow itself. The human body is a machine. Desire is a machine. Desire is a productive machine oriented towards production.  Machines convert one thing into another thing by processing the substances. Desire produces reality in Desiring-Machines. There is no such thing as lack now, only a process that produces one within the other and couples the machines together. […]

Concept by Digital Curator: Dr Işıl Ezgi Çelik

Call for Artists

Submission until 15 October 2023

This call is open to all self-identified women and non-binary digital artists.
Entirely free to submit.


Be inspired by the work of emerging and established women digital artists.

Agora Stories

  • Aaron Koblin Flight Patterns 2008 - Agora Digital Art

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Step into the mesmerizing world of Data Art, where data transforms into breathtaking creations that evoke emotions and unravel [...]

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