About Agora

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Who are we?

Based in London, we are a decentralised certified social enterprise, entirely run by a rich and mixed collective of volunteers composed of curators, art historians, copywriters, marketers and creative minds.

What do we do?

Everything we do – from our talks, to our storiespodcastsartists’ profileartists residencies, and VR Exhibitions – is to offer you a different art experience.

What’s our mission?

The art world needs to recognize the important contributions of women artists to digital art, but it also needs to recognize the significance of digital art itself.

We are on a mission to promote women artists who create with and in New Media because Digital Art induces deeper reflection on, and interpretation of, the world around us.

What are our values?

We thrive in a broad network built on diversity, transparency, openness and mutual respect. As a result, we participate in the democratisation of art and open up new avenues of thought, expression and debate.

We are a decentralised non-for-profit and a certified social enterprise.

Agora Digital Art is a certified Social Enterprise by SEUK

What is a “social enterprise”? 

Social Enterprises are businesses with a Social Impact. It means that the company invests 50% of its surplus into “charitable projects”.

“Charitable projects” include but are not limited to support Digital Artists by facilitating project deliveries and commissioning new artworks.

Social Impact

Art can be a tool for social impact!  As a social enterprise, we place Women Digital Artists at the heart of our business.

Although, Women Artists have a 72.9% ROI, in the arts, women artists are still under-represented. With a higher rate in New Media Art.

Our Talents

A skilled and multicultural community of volunteers, around the world, supporting an expansive network of international artists, curators and gallerists.

Agora is a member of NCVOReach Volunteering and Social Enterprise UK.

Agora is always looking for talents who are willing to share their skills for our cause. There are always open-ended positions such as curators and copywriters, and there are specific volunteers positions such as Fundraisers, Grant Writers, Digital Marketing Advisor, and Public Relations Specialist.

Check our openings on Reach Volunteering or send a DM on Discord @agoraDigitalArt#0311

Our Advisors

Thank you for your support and expertise: Benoît Conti and Michaela Gruber

Curators Team

  • Deen Atger - Volunteer Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art
  • Işıl Ezgi Çelik is a volunteer Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art
  • Isabella Helms - Volunteer Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art
  • Elizabeth Richardson - volunteer Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art

Editorial Team

  • Juliet Rennie - volunteer Chief Editor at Agora Digital Art
  • Alice Bishop is our volunteer copywriter at Agora Digital Art
  • Bethan Carrick is a volunteer podcaster at Agora Digital Art
  • Elizabeth Harris - volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art
  • Gabriella Gasparini - Volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art
  • Francesca Miller - Volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art
  • Sarah Roberts - Volunter Copywriter at Agora Digital Art
  • Zelda Solomon is a volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art

Marketing Team

  • Young Mi Lamine - Founder of Agora Digital Art
Agora Digital Art

Thank you so much for your time, passion and expertise:

Samm Anga, Ludovica Arnaud, Linda Baines, Tom Barnes, Dean Botham, Mishelle Brito, Cristina Brooks, Tamara Brown, Rebecca Bury, Alexandra Busila, Alexandra Butuceanu, Gary Clark, Jenelle Cosby, Matt Coulson, Amine Dahimene, Clare Deal, James Dorman, Nick Dunn, Henrik Essen, Ricardo Ferreira, Ranya Farzat, Lauren Gee, Rachel C. George, Francesca Gransden, Eve Goulden, Eleanor Guegan, Karl Harker, Sophia Harris, Matthew Harvey, Bronte Isabella,  Venetia Jolly, Chloe Kong, Angel Leung, Amiel Maucade, Emma McGarry, Euan McPherson, Cristina Martinez, Clemmie Melvin, Ravi Palan, Robert Perry, Aura Popa, Megan Powell, Monika Raithel, Sian Rann, Juliette Rennie, Jessica Riley, Hope Riley, Alberto Rivero, Kiran Sajan, Adrian StClair, Jessica Satchi, Marilia Sciuli, Henry Tudor-Pole, Elspeth Walker, Katie Yook.

Our Partners

Art Domain is the Digital Parnter of Agora Digital Art

Be part of the .Art Community!

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=> Use Code #AgoraDigital

Metaxu.Studio VR venue Partner of Agora Digital Art

Metaxustudio is an Architectural Design company focusing on immersive virtual realities while keeping a human-centred approach.

The Sublime 3.0 Fear and Awe - in partnership with thewrong biennale for Agora Digital Art

thewrong biennale is celebrating digital culture since 2o13. the wrong is a collaborative effort harnessing the potential of the internet, shaped as a decentralized global art biennale & tv channel.

W21 as in Women of 21 Century - Programme Partner of Agora Digital Art

Women of 21st Century is an ongoing participatory art project focusing on post-feminism and intersectional practice in art, science, culture, and technology. We aim to map feminist practice and to write a collaborative manifesto for the digital era, with deep considerations of gender, class or race.


Call for boycott

BDZ / Boycott Zabludowicz supported by Agora Digital Art

Agora Digital Art is supporting the BDZ group #BoycottZabludowicz

Zabludowicz Art Trust and its affiliated platforms:

Get Involved!

Contact us with a text or a voice message on Discord or WhatsApp: +447407 083315


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We organise regular virtual networking groups and a few physical events in London during the year. Contact us to be part of our Partner and Sponsor Programme.