About Agora Digital Art

We bring Digital and New Media Art to a global audience through an inclusive community of artists and tech enthusiasts.

Everything we do – from our virtual talks , online projects, to our blog – is to expand the awareness of women digital artists using Digital Art, the art form that we love.

We thrive in a broad network built on diversity, transparency, openness and mutual respect.

Based in London, we are a community event organised by The House of The Artists (THoTA), non-for-profit and a certified social enterprise.

What is a “social enterprise”? 

It means that the company invests 50% of its surplus into “charitable projects”.

“Charitable projects” include but are not limited to support Digital Artists by facilitating project deliveries and commissioning new artworks.

And, other means where appropriate.

Social Impact

Art can be a tool for social impact!  As a social enterprise, we place Women Digital Artists at the heart of our business.

Although, Women Artists have a 72.9% ROI, in the arts, women artists are still under-represented. With a higher rate in New Media Art.

Our Partners

Interested in our project?

Contact us to find out more: hi(at)agoradigital(dot)art


What is sustainable investing?

It is the new way to invest in the returns you expect while staying true to your values. That is whether you care about a cause or driving social change.

Invest to generate measurable social impact alongside a financial return.

You see the difference you are making with an “impact investment” transparent audit report.

According to UBS research, the global sustainable investment market is growing because investing sustainably improves returns.


We organise regular virtual networking groups and a few physical events in London during the year. Contact us to be part of our Partner and Sponsor Programme: hi(at)agoradigital(dot)art