We are Agora!

We are a mutli-disciplinary collective of volunteers, starting this fantastic social project together.

Agora is a member of NCVO, Reach Volunteering and Social Enterprise UK.

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Curatorial Team

Mishelle Brito, volunteer Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art

Mishelle Brito
Digital Curator

Aliandra Busila, Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art

Alexandra Busila
Digital Curator

Enid Conway
Digital Curator

Isabella Helms, volunteer Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art

Isabella Helms
Digital Curator

Bronte Isabella
Digital Curator

Amiel Maucade, Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art

Amiel Maucade
Digital Curator

Elizabeth Richardson, volunteer Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art

Elizabeth Richardson
Digital Curator

Adrian St Clair, voluneer Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art

Adrian StClair,
Digital Curator

Katie Yook, volunteer Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art

Katie Yook
Digital Curator


Editorial Team

Madi Apthorpe, volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art

I graduated with a Bachelors of Social Anthropology from the University of Manchester in July 2020. The areas of study that interested me most during my undergraduate degree were; the materiality of objects; the ways in which we understand the world; humanitarianism; and British nationality. Since graduating, finding paid work has been a struggle and I am taking what I can to get by. On the side of my Test&Trace call centre role, I spend my time writing blog posts, creative writing pieces and researching articles as a freelancer for various publications.

From my studies to the freelance work I’ve undertaken, I’ve found that there has and continues to be a large under-representation of women the art and technology world. This is why I have found Agora’s work, which sits at the intersection, to be so interesting and vital. With an increasingly digital world, it is important that history is challenged and there is representation of all voices, in all mediums. By volunteering with Agora I hope to learn more about the world of Digital Art, its pioneers and the new and exciting projects brilliant female artists are working on.

Cristina Brooks, volunteer Chief Editor at Agora Digital Art

Cristina Brooks,
Chief Editor

Elizabeth Harris, volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art 350x350px copy

Elizabeth Harris

Angel Leung, volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art

Angel Leung is a  multidisciplinary art curator, programmer, and writer. Currently the Programmes Manager of Videotage, she has organised programmes include ‘Artificial Landscape’ at SOGO Hong Kong (2019), ‘Centripetal’ at Art Basel (2019), Both Sides Now V: Queer (2019) with videoclub, ‘Reconstructing the Self – Performativity in Hong Kong’s Moving Image’ at LOOP Barcelona (2019), and curated ‘Sensory/Motor’ at Night of Ideas (2020). She also worked at Broadway Cinematheque in Hong Kong and organised film festivals including Hong Kong Asian Film Festival (2017) and Agnes Varda Retrospective of Le French May (2018).
She finished her Master degree of Screen Art at Université de Strasbourg in 2016 and received her Bachelor degree in Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong in 2009. She is also a researcher and writer on moving images. She co-edited the book David Lynch (Kubrick, 2017) and her articles are published on Stand News (HK).

Francesca Miller, volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art

Francesca Miller

Gabriella Gasparini, volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art

Gabriella is a philosopher, creative copywriter and digital strategist who is constantly questioning the tenets of our reality and firmly believes that art, as a form of sociocultural critique, always offers the most nuanced analysis. As we increasingly spend more and more time inhabiting the digital world, she is more curious than ever to learn about artists who skillfully navigate this exciting, opportunity-rich, but at times also scary new world and hopes to expand her knowledge and that of others by sharing insightful cybernetic musings! 

She holds a Masters in Philosophy from Birkbeck, University of London where she specialised in the study of Aesthetics, Metaphysics, Gender Studies, Heidegger, Nietzsche and Lacanian psychoanalysis. 

Gabriella also completed a Bachelor in Media Communication Design from Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London specialising in Copywriting, Art Direction and Strategy for Advertising. 

As a feminist and active promoter for female and queer talent, she has also worked as Women’s Officer and Executive Trustee of the University of London’s charitable Students’ Union and regularly contributes to Hundred Heroines, a platform dedicated to increasing the visibility of female talent in the visual arts.

Emma McGarry, volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art

Emma McGarry is a writer, curator and graduate of BA (Hons) Photography with International Enhancement from Coventry University, now based in Manchester, UK. She has international experience as a practising artist, co-director, writer, photographer, and most recently as Lead Curator and Virtual Exhibition Designer for Between Spaces (Coventry University Photography Degree Show 2020). Not only did this experience spark her inspiration and curiosity into the potential of online and digital showcases, but it encouraged her to interrogate the importance of her own role as a female-identifying practitioner within digital arts.

Emma’s visual work often explores intangible and complex themes including experience and perspective through the photographic medium. In doing so, she engages with the cathartic and meditative attributes of digital photography, exploring and translating her experience of the quotidian into poetic and illuminating pieces of visual art. Her written practice often intends to expand on and share her own education of art in tandem with gender, sexuality, race and representation.

She believes that by utilising the boundlessness of the online sphere through an intersectional feminist lens, content creators such as those at Agora are able to provide essential and representative insights into the contemporary world of new media art and its female-identifying pioneers.

Sarah Roberts, volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art

Sarah Roberts

Peter Traynor volunteer copywriter, reviewer at Agora Digital Art

Peter Traynor

Henry Tudor Pole, volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art

Henry Tudor Pole

Elspeth Walker, volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art

Elspeth Walker


Marketing Team

Alexandra Butuceanu, volunteer Video Editor at Agora Digital Art

Alexandra Butuceanu
Video Editor

My name is Ranya, I am Romanian-Syrian and I have been living in the UK for the past 5 years.
At work, I am a senior digital marketing associate for LoopUp which is a tech startup based in the Tea Building in Shoreditch. My job offers the opportunity to grow together with the business whilst being creative with content strategy and designing digital ads. I’m responsible for brand awareness and customer acquisition in the United Kingdom, United States, France, Spain, Germany and Australia.
At home, I like experimenting in the kitchen with Middle Eastern and vegetarian dishes, you can see the best looking ones at @RanyaCooks. I’m currently reading ‘What are you doing with your life?’ by an Indian philosopher who teaches about wisdom, love and life.
At play, I can be found in Shoreditch on a Friday having drinks with friends from work at The Pussycat & Owl followed by a night of cocktails in Soho.
YoungMi Lamine

I navigate the art world. I’ve got a keen interest in documentary photography. Currently, a UAL mentor supporting the future creative talents in London, UK.

Cristina Martinez, volunteer Graphic Designer at Agora Digital Art

I am a freelance designer with a background in architecture. I finished my bachelor and master’s degree in Manchester School of Architecture and since have been working on design projects, getting involved in graphic design and illustration aside from architecture. I love to do research and feel inspired by art and design in all aspects of my work, in which I specialise on concept design and visuals. Most of my research is based on society and politics, with the constant underlying theme of nature. I like to  stay active and am always open to new projects and challenges

Monika Raithel, volunteer Event Co-ordinator at Agora Digital Art

Monika is a creative events manager from Washington, DC, bringing over 7 years of diverse experience in international event management and project management. She has a wide range of experience across all events including 3-day festivals, galas in various venue types, multi-day conferences, and outdoor marketing events. In an extremely virtual world, Monika is driven to create memorable attendee experiences through cultivated engagement and a sense of community.  In her free time, you can find her travelling or producing her own jewellery line, MoMaRa Jewelry.

Marilia Sciuli, volunteer Brand Strategy Advisor at Agora Digital Art

Marilia is a Brand and Marketing professional who has worked on some of the world’s most loved brands, developing insightful strategies that have helped them grow.

She blends her background in business and data analysis, with a strong passion for human psychology, creative thinking and innovation.

Marilia has always been fascinated by the Arts and by their power to enrich people’s lives. She loves music, design and art. She has even been an amateur painter in her past life and has written research articles on the experience of consuming art and dancing the Argentine tango.

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