We are Agora!

We are a mutli-disciplinary collective of volunteers co-creators, starting this fantastic social project together.

Agora is a member of NCVO, Reach Volunteering and Social Enterprise UK.

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Curatorial Team

Elizabeth Richardson, Curator


Editorial Team

Chief Editors



Dan is a practitioner in digital user experience and communications with a background in marketing.  He’s worked with a variety of brands big and small, helping them bring their identity to life online in a relevant, and meaningful way.

More recently he’s leveraged content experience gained consulting for agencies and corporates when embarking on digital writing assignments for organisations in the charity sector.

Dan loves electronic music, enjoys landscape & architectural photography and likes to read about perspectives on modern culture, behavioural science and our evolving relationship with technology & digital media.

He’s excited by the opportunity to support the promotion of talented female digital artists, help grow awareness and interest in digital art and nurture Agoras growing community of artists, enthusiasts and the recently curious.  He believes that a fresh and accessible presentation of each artist and their motivations alongside their work will captivate and sustain new online audiences.

Angel Leung is a  multidisciplinary art curator, programmer, and writer. Currently the Programmes Manager of Videotage, she has organised programmes include ‘Artificial Landscape’ at SOGO Hong Kong (2019), ‘Centripetal’ at Art Basel (2019), Both Sides Now V: Queer (2019) with videoclub, ‘Reconstructing the Self – Performativity in Hong Kong’s Moving Image’ at LOOP Barcelona (2019), and curated ‘Sensory/Motor’ at Night of Ideas (2020). She also worked at Broadway Cinematheque in Hong Kong and organised film festivals including Hong Kong Asian Film Festival (2017) and Agnes Varda Retrospective of Le French May (2018).
She finished her Master degree of Screen Art at Université de Strasbourg in 2016 and received her Bachelor degree in Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong in 2009. She is also a researcher and writer on moving images. She co-edited the book David Lynch (Kubrick, 2017) and her articles are published on Stand News (HK).


Francesca is a London-based writer and art lover who is currently on a career break to focus on writing. Her formative years include an MA in English Literature and History of Art and a few years spent at understanding Art buyers’ behaviour at art auctioneer Christie’s. She has spent the last few years working for an entertainment company looking at how to best tell stories to consumers visually. She is interested in how to make more accessible Arts whether for buying, enjoying online, or at a museum and gaining recognition as an artist especially when one comes from a digital/new media background.

Gabriella is a philosopher, creative copywriter and digital strategist who is constantly questioning the tenets of our reality and firmly believes that art, as a form of sociocultural critique, always offers the most nuanced analysis. As we increasingly spend more and more time inhabiting the digital world, she is more curious than ever to learn about artists who skillfully navigate this exciting, opportunity-rich, but at times also scary new world and hopes to expand her knowledge and that of others by sharing insightful cybernetic musings! 

She holds a Masters in Philosophy from Birkbeck, University of London where she specialised in the study of Aesthetics, Metaphysics, Gender Studies, Heidegger, Nietzsche and Lacanian psychoanalysis. 

Gabriella also completed a Bachelor in Media Communication Design from Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London specialising in Copywriting, Art Direction and Strategy for Advertising. 

As a feminist and active promoter for female and queer talent, she has also worked as Women’s Officer and Executive Trustee of the University of London’s charitable Students’ Union and regularly contributes to Hundred Heroines, a platform dedicated to increasing the visibility of female talent in the visual arts.


Hope graduated from the University of Bristol in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. Now based in London, she is currently balancing a corporate role with freelance creative copywriting to feed her passion for storytelling.

The Covid-19 pandemic provides the context for Hope’s keen new interest in new media art – across the world, we are witnessing a major shift over to a more digitised way of life, so she is excited to see how this continues to shape and influence the work produced by emerging artists.

She believes that access to the arts is a privilege that should be felt across all sections of society, and is optimistic that pioneering social projects such as Agora will encourage wider engagement and inclusivity in this sphere.

Sarah is an Art History and Visual Culture graduate from the University of Exeter. With a background in PR she has written about a myriad of topics, from automotive design to therapy ponies. As an obsessive gallery-goer, lockdown provided incredible new opportunities for reflection on where arts and technology can converge and create accessibility for all; hopping from Basel to New York in a single click. 

She wishes to spotlight talented female artists and share the best digital content that is free for Agora readers to explore. She is excited about joining the wonderful community of writers and creators at Agora.  

Currently based in Central London, when she’s not writing, she can be found frequenting the cinema, practicing yoga or attempting to learn Spanish.


Peter is having fun. A social scientist for nearly twenty years, and in the midst of a global pandemic, he is allowing himself some time to learn, grow, explore and connect. A storyteller at heart, he is passionate about creating and telling stories and helping others to tell their stories.

He connected with Agora in the spirit of adventure and was drawn in by the ambition and values of its founder and her team. An accomplished writer, researcher and copy-editor with a long term interest in the visual arts, he is excited about contributing to that ambition and helping to spotlight digital artists and new media, and in particular women artists, at a time of profound shifts in a global perspective.

Peter is based in Leeds in Yorkshire but has travelled widely. He loves his small but noisy family and spends a lot of time with them in the outdoors. He also enjoys solitude, loves reading, and tries his best to practice mindfulness whenever and wherever he can.


Henry is a writer who specialises in art history and travel. He is passionate about broadening access to the arts so that they can become more robust and acute. He believes that rigorous and imaginative education is key to this.

He is excited to have the opportunity to be part of the team at Agora and to help raise the profile of women digital artists. He is a compulsive traveller: since 2018 he has lectured in cities across France, Italy and the UK with the company Art History Abroad, and he is a keen hill walker and wild camper. He produces audio works which recount these travels and explore the idea of a place.

Henry took an art foundation course at the Royal Drawing School, then studied History of Art at St John’s College, Oxford and at the Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa.


Marketing and Brand Team

An Events organiser professional with know-how in different kinds of events, originally from Italy, who has spent the past 6 years juggling timing, clients, logistics and on-site delivery. Committed to her job, which is also her passion, you could find her anywhere to get inspiration for new ideas or networking within the industry to stay up-to-date.

She believes that arts, in general, are a silent communication between the artist and the observer and should express a message or emotion that creates a personal experience, connecting different individuals with their own opinions as a whole.

She is probably the only Italian person who doesn’t like pasta!

My name is Ranya, I am Romanian-Syrian and I have been living in the UK for the past 5 years.
At work, I am a senior digital marketing associate for LoopUp which is a tech startup based in the Tea Building in Shoreditch. My job offers the opportunity to grow together with the business whilst being creative with content strategy and designing digital ads. I’m responsible for brand awareness and customer acquisition in the United Kingdom, United States, France, Spain, Germany and Australia.
At home, I like experimenting in the kitchen with Middle Eastern and vegetarian dishes, you can see the best looking ones at @RanyaCooks. I’m currently reading ‘What are you doing with your life?’ by an Indian philosopher who teaches about wisdom, love and life.
At play, I can be found in Shoreditch on a Friday having drinks with friends from work at The Pussycat & Owl followed by a night of cocktails in Soho.

Navigate the artworld. Keen interest in documentary photography. Used to be a UAL mentor supporting future creative talents.


I am a freelance designer with a background in architecture. I finished my bachelor and master’s degree in Manchester School of Architecture and since have been working on design projects, getting involved in graphic design and illustration aside from architecture. I love to do research and feel inspired by art and design in all aspects of my work, in which I specialise on concept design and visuals. Most of my research is based on society and politics, with the constant underlying theme of nature. I like to  stay active and am always open to new projects and challenges


Monika is a creative events manager from Washington, DC, bringing over 7 years of diverse experience in international event management and project management. She has a wide range of experience across all events including 3-day festivals, galas in various venue types, multi-day conferences, and outdoor marketing events. In an extremely virtual world, Monika is driven to create memorable attendee experiences through cultivated engagement and a sense of community.  In her free time, you can find her travelling or producing her own jewellery line, MoMaRa Jewelry.


Having started my life journey in Russia and being a very creative child, I was actively encouraged by my family. I was drawing and sketching (mostly crying tigers and horses at first) adopting, with years, a more heroic fantasy style. I’ve graduated from an Art School and settled on attending live model drawing sessions and sketching, mostly for myself, occasionally “publishing” my attempts at tattoo art on my friends’ body parts. All along I was fascinated by art in its many forms, classical as well as contemporary, and would frequent art exhibitions, galleries, private shows, theatre or manor houses with private collections.

In Stockholm where I spent 12 years before arriving to London my favourite places to visit were Fotografiska – a contemporary photography museum, and Millesgården – a former home of a sculptor Carl Milles with its vast grounds filled with his astonishing melancholic work and antique sculpture collections.   
In London I’m working in the live event world, supporting and selling events. With all of us moving into the digital space with every day that goes, I am excited to be part of the Agora art forum initiative that seeks to promote digital artists in this new space and to facilitate their introduction to a broader viewer by means of virtual events.

Marilia is a Brand and Marketing professional who has worked on some of the world’s most loved brands, developing insightful strategies that have helped them grow.

She blends her background in business and data analysis, with a strong passion for human psychology, creative thinking and innovation.

Marilia has always been fascinated by the Arts and by their power to enrich people’s lives. She loves music, design and art. She has even been an amateur painter in her past life and has written research articles on the experience of consuming art and dancing the Argentine tango.

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