Cristina Martinez, Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Cristina Martinez, volunteer Graphic Designer at Agora Digital Art

I am a freelance designer with a background in architecture. I finished my bachelor and master’s degree in the Manchester School of Architecture and since have been working on design projects, getting involved in graphic design and illustration aside from architecture. I love to do research and feel inspired by art and design in all aspects of my work, in which I specialise in concept design and visuals. Most of my research is based on society and politics, with the constant underlying theme of nature. I like to  stay active and am always open to new projects and challenges

Cristina Martinez’ s Portfolio for Agora

Remo floor plan

Cristina Martinez designed for Agora Digital Art

New logo 2D

Cristina Martinez designed the new Agora Digital Art logo

Colour palette

Cristina Martinez picked the colour palette for Agora Digital Art new branding


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