Intrigued by the link between technology and creativity, I have long been fascinated by the challenges that modern and digital artists face in the art industry. Studying various mediums, artists and movements during my four-year History of Art and English Literature degree at The University of Edinburgh, shaped the way I approach my passion.

Eager to meet new people and experience new perspectives, I moved to Cape Town for a year to travel, write and explore. Discovering the exciting, exuberant and abundant art scene; I was inspired to learn more about installation, 3D art, and ultimately explore my curiosity surrounding the way the modern age engages with and reflects culture and society.

Now working in editing at The Guardian in London and with Agora Digital Art, I am excited to share this passion and give other curious young people a place to engage with and learn more about digital art and the increasingly relevant impact it has on the world.

Francesca Gransden’ s Portfolio for Agora


Edited articles

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