My passion lies in creating content which showcases and celebrates the diversity of voices in and around the arts. I am committed to supporting accessible, creative platforms and have built up a range of experiences in the arts and culture sector. I have written for a variety of websites, as well as working freelance for independent artists. I am a versatile content producer and art lover.

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What is your background?

I have a background in History of Art having recently graduated from the University of Leeds. During my studies, my focus was on contemporary art, independent film, Afrofuturism and postcolonial studies. My passion and interest lies specifically in looking at diasporic artists and I am fascinated at how art can be used to convey the nuances of racialised postcolonial subjects. 

What Interest You in Digital Art/ New Media Art?

The lack of rules! New media art is constantly breaking the boundaries of what is labelled as art and I find this really exciting. This multifaceted medium poses a real challenge to the art world in the way that art is consumed, shared and sold and I think there is something incredibly liberating and refreshing wrapped up in its pioneering approach. In terms of engaging with works, there is something uniquely visceral about new media art, in its ability to create intimate and liveable experiences for the viewer.

Why Did You Choose to Volunteer at Agora Digital Art?

During the lockdown I graduated from my history of art degree and was avidly looking for writing jobs centred around art, particularly ones allowing me to write about BAME artists, as I have always wanted to champion diversity in my content, Agora allowed me to do this, so it was a perfect fit.

What Would You Like to Gain with Your Volunteer Experience?

I am constantly looking for new artists and through volunteering at Agora, I now have a structure that encourages this research on a consistent basis. This experience will broaden my knowledge of artists and familiarise me with the world of New media art and its creators.

Where Do You See Agora Digital Art Going in the Future?

I see it becoming an influential platform in the new media art scene, a hub facilitating emerging and pioneering talent on a global scale. I also feel that it will make this largely unseen medium visible, encouraging its presence and recognition in mainstream institutions.

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