With a BA in Arabic and (nearly) an MA in Middle Eastern Studies, Megan has an enduring obsession with Islamic art and architectural tiles in particular. Her professional background is in brand strategy and consumer research, which has taken her from Mexico City to Beirut to understand how brands, people and culture come together.

Combining these interests, Megan is currently writing her MA dissertation on the way that female Muslim bodies are portrayed and seen when used as symbols for bridging cultures within Western paradigms of empowerment. The paternalistic visuality inherent in museums and male-oriented magazines that veiled women are now appearing in raises fascinating questions of how we should look at these women, compared with how we see them in that context.

Megan is now excited to learn more about digital art and hopefully in the process help others to also understand it better. As a new medium, she sees digital art as being free from the colonial and patriarchal burdens associated with traditional arts institutions. It, therefore, has the potential to make art more diverse and inclusive, for both its creators and audiences.

Megan Powell’ s Portfolio for Agora