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Agora Digital Art offers a range of content talks focused on New Media to expand our community’s perspectives on art, expression, and interpretation.

It’s a great opportunity to directly talk with the guests and to engage with fabulous creative minds.

The talk themes span various Art and Technology topics about the ever-changing Digital Art sector and the world we live in.

Share experiences about New Media culture, participate in a buoyant community of Digital Artists, Art Professionals, Technology Experts during our virtual talks.

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  • Bi-Monthly on Wednesdays.
  • Time: 12:30 or 18:00 (BST)

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  • All talks are in English.
  • 10 min: quick ice-breaker, music intro by Samm Anga
  • 10-20 min: talk by the guest(s).
  • 20 min: discussion with the audience.
  • 30 min: networking.

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  • English is not everyone’s mother tongue.

Immersive Atmospheres: A digital approach to spatial practice

You will learn more about spatialising the online art world at a time of social distancing.

Rebecca van Beeck is an emerging scenographer and artist from South Africa. Influenced by her background in architecture, her approach links across spatial design, urban and participatory research, stage and costume design, and live and visual art. 

Her love for the theatre and performance grew out of many years of searching for what she originally self-termed as “making space”. She is interested in the relationship between ‘space’ and ‘performance’, with the notion of performance ranging from daily patterns of use to theatrical movements on stage. Rebecca considers the design process an ‘improvisation framework’ for collaboration and collective making.

As a designer, she is skilled in model making, technical drafting and rendering, video editing and illustration software.

Rebecca studied architecture at the University of Cape Town and is currently completing her MA in Scenography at the Central School of Speech and Drama. She has an additional postgraduate degree in strategic brand and business management. She has worked and lived in Cape Town, Stockholm, Zurich, Bangkok, Los Angeles and now London.


Founding members of The PLOT are Ashleigh Killa, Max Mellville and Alex Coetzee.

Alex Coetzee from SSoft_Stuff  |  @ssoft_stuff  |  LinkedIn

Ashleigh Killa

Max Melvill from The Maak  |  @the.maak


Why should I attend?

Worldwide calls for increased social distancing is not decreasing our social-ness. What is changing, however, is the means through which we are engaging with each other, and where we can do that from.

Formed by a group of architects, The PLOT is an online gallery that aims to bring a spatial sensibility to the domain of digital art and online communication. The PLOT has housed participatory art projects, virtual performances and will soon be venturing into educational workshops.

The PLOT is particularly interested in showcasing work that is of an intimate” home-made nature” and prefers to work in close collaboration with artists as co-creators. This has allowed for a great deal of intimacy to enter the gallerist – artist relationship, something which they view as a refreshing alternative to the dominant art gallery model.

Founding members of The PLOT, Ashleigh Killa, Max Mellville and Alex Coetzee will give an insight into their experience of designing space for the virtual world and will be joined in conversation by one of The PLOT’s featured artists, Rebecca Van Beeck.

More info

  • Level: All

  • Date: Wednesday 8 July 2020

  • Time: 12:30 BST

  • Location: GMeet – link sent before the event

  • Event Organiser: Clemmie Melvin



Agora Digital Art Talks programme will shake your beliefs, debunk assumptions and, hopefully, expand your perspectives.

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