Agora Talks

Agora Digital Art produces and curates talks that focus on women new media artists. We aim to expand our community’s perspectives on digital art, expression, and interpretation.

We provide an essential opportunity to engage with fabulous creative minds in a relaxed, nurturing environment.

The talks span various art and technology topics about the ever-changing digital art sector. It’s the world we live in today.

We cultivate a vibrant and collaborative network of digital artists, art professionals and technology experts during our virtual talks.

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The Agora Talk is relaxed

  • 5 min: Meet and Greet
  • 10-15 min: talk with the guest(s)
  • 15 min: discussion with the audience.
  • 30 min: networking.

Gentle reminder

  • All opinions are welcome. Stay cool!
  • Make your point concisely.
  • All talks are in English. And, English is not everyone’s mother tongue.

XR – Extended Reality

21.06.23 Agora talk 28: Pierre Francois Gerard for Agora Digital Art
21.02.17 Agora Talk: Tamiko Thiel and Jon Uriarte for Agora Digital Art
21.02.10 Agora Talk: Karen Levy, Art and Tech Entrepreneur and Collector for Agora Digital Art
21.01.27 Lucy Wheeler from The Immersive Kind - Agora Digital Art
20.12.16 Mila askarova - Claudia Hart
Agora Talk: Gate22 - Museum 2.0 with Nataliya Velykanova at Agora Digital Art
Agora Talk: Elif Eda - The Thing Between Us (2020) on set

Digital Art and Feminism

21.05.12 Agora Talk 24 Laneya Billingsley - vincent cy chen for Agora Digital Art
Agora Talk: Lilia Ziamou - Digital Identities at Agora Digital Art
20.10.28 Agora Talk: Or Williams - The Wedding March (2020) for Agora Digital Art
20.06.24 Gretchen Andrew Penny Slinger for Agora Digital Art

W21: DATA Feminism

W21 event: zaiba_willo_margot for Agora Digital Art
21.04.27 W21 Lito Kattou Kate Watson for Agora Digital Art
21.02.24: W21 Talk: Motif Institute _ Gretchen Andrew for Agora Digital Art

W21 Partner Event: Does AI Need a Body?

Digital Curators

Agora Talk 19 - Alice Scope for Agora Digital Art
Agora Talk Doreen Rios Patricia Siller for Agora Digital Art
20.08.26 Agora Talk 4 - Snow Yunxue Fu and Wade Wallerstein for Agora Digital Art
20.08.12 Gabriella Warren-Smith Downloadable Brain for Agora Digital Art

Digital Art & Architecture

2.10.14 Rayan Elnayal for Agora Digital Art
20.09.23 Ellie Niblock and Alaa Tarabzouni for Agora Digital Art
20.07.22 Rebecca van Beeck and The PLOT for Agora Digital Art


I would like to speak Do you have a compelling 10 min. story to share? Register your interest here.

Are the speakers paid? Since we just started, the answer is unfortunately no.

Are there talks in different languages? It’s only in English for now.


Anyone aged min. of 18 years can attend the forum. Some content of the programme might not be adequate for minors.
All events mentioned here might be subject to last-minute change (Speaker, date, time) or cancellation in full. The organiser will keep you informed as quickly as possible.
For marketing and educational purposes, some screenshot pictures and recording (video / audio) are planned during our events. For more information regarding the Image Release, look at The Event T&C.