21.03.05 What is digital token art on the blockchain? NUMOMO partner of Agora Digital Art

Partner NUMOMO event: What is digital token art on the blockchain?

 5 March 2021 at 13:30 GMT, for digital artists and creatives.

Our new partner NUMOMO will help you to navigate the blockchain with a series of events. Learn how to succeed and use tokens.

Speakers: Scott Fuzion and Dr. Rolf Hoefer

Both founders will discuss the problems artists face in the digital age and how the blockchain can solve them.

They will discuss how artists can use NFTs to sell their digital art, develop their brand and engage their community.


Announced: 24 March 2021 at 18:30 GMT

The discussion is related to W21’s 20/21 focus theme: dis/embodiment.

Speaker: Margot Mottaz, Associate Curator at Superblue