Agora Digital Art is pleased to partner with NUMOMO, the creative token agency, which supports digital art artists to navigate the blockchain. There are many opportunities for digital artists to make a decent living, learn how.


NUMOMO is a Creative NFT Agency based in Seoul, South Korea.

NUMOMO educates creatives about the benefits of tokens and supports the most talented creatives with a complete, end-to-end service in the blockchain and token space.

NUMOMO’s mission is to empower the most talented creatives to use tokens to build, grow, and maintain a successful brand and career.

People’s Nifty Collection

#NFTCollector workshops in Seoul, South Korea

Dates May 07-15
Hours Mon-Sat 11-22
Parking Available, No Valet

NUMOMO’s blog

NUMOMO Presents the Intersection of Art and the NFT

all our talks are on Clubhouse or TwitterSpaces, and recorded.

Next event: tbc mid-May

Past NUMOMO Events

NUMOMO artists’ rooster

Here are a few examples of successful NFT drops on #GenesisCollection

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