How can humans hope to transmit our cultural heritage into the future when humanity’s entire existence is a mere blink of an eye on a cosmic time scale? What does this sense of scale—of the vastness of time and space—means for art?

Utilising a post-New Media approach, wherein the media employed are merely vehicles in service of underlying concepts, Ashley Zelinskie attempts the process of translating our vast history into a universal language meant to stand the test of time.

By fabricating traditional objects in dual forms—as the classical entity and the data that represent them—her work seeks to focus a lens on our place as a small part of a larger whole. By drawing her inspiration from historical ideas and icons she is coding the essence of humanity into works of art—art for the singularity.

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Ashley Zelinskie, One and One Chair NFT version (2021) © Courtesy of the artist.
Ashley Zelinskie, Exploration NFT (2021)  © Courtesy of the artist.

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