In exclusivity for Agora Digital Art, Karen Levy, ArtTechpreneur and Collector introduced us the “Forgetter”, the new VR Game concept to host the prestigious DSLcollection.

From the very beginning of setting up the DSLcollection in 2005, Dominique and Sylvain Levy wanted to establish a model that would make collecting art continuously active and meaningful, always moving with the shifting times.

This collection pursues an interactive and participatory approach, redefining the traditional relationships between art and its audience, deconsecrating the public’s approach to art, avoiding any intimidation and countering the notion of art as elitist.

In 2010, the collection was the first available on an IPad. In 2012, the collection built a museum on Second Life. In 2016, DSLcollection was among the first private collections to build a VR museum.

Today, DSLcollection embarks on a new journey in the video game realm. For the collection, this new adventure is a creative project that uses gaming as a language.

The “Forgetter” will go live in Steam in mid-March 2021.

21.02.10 Agora Talk: Karen Levy from dslcollection for Agora Digital Art

Speaker: Karen Levy

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This event was produced for you by our super Team of VolunteersLots of shine toAlexandra Busila and Peter Traynor

What did we learn?

  1. How the DSLcollection constantly evolves and adapt to new platforms
  2. Learn what are the curatorial challenges to  build narratives and immersive experiences in different environments

What’s next?

The Forgetter is on SteamPowered.

The release date: 15 March 2021

Created by game developers Alan Kwan and Yang Jing of Sometimes Monastery, “Forgetter” allows players to assume the role of someone tasks to destroying artists’ traumatic memories in order to make them more creative.



Is turbulent life experience a rite of passage for creative people? Could you be a great artist, musician, writer without traumatic (or dramatic) life episodes?

Well, Mindjob, a high tech company proves once again that nothing is impossible. With cutting edge technology, this company recycles genius minds that belong to deceased artists, modelling them into pain-free, skill-savvy, creative wonderlands.

And you, yes you, the 1141th Forgetter, are going to make this happen by joining the company and entering the mindscape to:

– walk down the memory lanes of creative minds being recycled

– smash everything, especially the traumatic memory units

– comfort the remaining consciousness left in the minds and escort them to eternal peace

This job is revolutionary! You can:

– experience the pleasure of constructive destruction!

– witness the life episodes of genius minds!

– occasionally time travel from the sweet 1980s all the way to the cursed 2010s, aka the last innocent phase of pure-human history

– be exposed to real “contemporary art” ( a school in human-art history) and enjoy its aura

– and of course, earn a handsome salary!

– Oh, and get a bonus, if you’re doing a fabulous job!


Features real-life contemporary artworks from DSLCollection.



    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q8400
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 1GB / Radeon R7 250X 1GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
 🎮 Forgetter – A game where you erase memories (2020). Courtesy of the artists.

DSLcollection’s Portfolio

Current VR exhibition in China

In 2020, the dslcollection moved to a VR Gaming platform © Courtesy of the dslcollection.
dslcollection on Second Life (2017) © Courtesy of the dslcollection.

First Virtual Art Museum for large scale artworks

Since 2017, the XXL artworks of the DSL Collection are on VIVEPORT

21.02.10 Karen Levy DSLCollection on VIVEPORT for Agora Digital Art
DSLcollection on VIVEPORT (2017) © Courtesy of the artists and the DSLcollection.
DSLCollection on Ikonosquare (2016) © Courtesy of the DSL Collection.
DSLcollection e-mag © Courtesy of the artist.
DSL Magazine: Issue 13
In 2010, the dslcollection was the first collection on an IPad © Courtesy of the dslcollection.

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