Curator and Moderator: Elizabeth Richardson

As a pioneer in 3dCG and Digital Art, Marjan Moghaddam will take us on a journey through feminism, embodiment and #arthack interventions, spanning her career from the early days to the established artist today.

Women in Digital Art: Marjan Moghaddam - Agora Digital Art

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Why did we learn?

From important museum shows to viral animations, Marjan’s art practice offers lessons in expanding art history into the 21st century in authentic and persistent ways. Her pioneering techniques in each era have innovated aesthetically, technologically, conceptually, and philosophically.

While technology creates flatness in culture, she has delivered profound, moving, and sublime works. Whether it be through her proprietary technique of Chronometric Sculpture which blends the ideals of animation with that of sculpture, to her unique approach to the digital embodiment that employs her figural vocabulary of 3d CG modelling and character animation, she has sought out the profound aspects of contemporariness through digital toolsets.

A rare opportunity to hear from one of the very few women in the world with such a prolific digital art practice.

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Lots of shine to our volunteer Curator and Moderator: Elizabeth Richardson

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Artist’s Profile: Marjan Moghaddam

Woman in Digital Art: Iranian-American Artist Marjan Mogghaddam explores feminism with CGI and AR/VR animations

Artist’s Portfolio

@marjan_moghaddam_artist Baiser at Mary Boone Gallery with GAN Collage Paintings© Courtesy of the artist.

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