Led by Curator of Deformal Gallery and Artist Vincent Chen, this talk approached an explorative conversational deep dive fleshing out some of the key themes of my work such as colourism, viscerally felt displays of emotion, self-discovery, self-love, dissociation as a means for safety, internet personalities and the sticky, corrosive nature the media, Hollywood. And overall society has on the black experience and overall black self-worth from a very malleable and spongy young age. They discussed becoming acquainted with our demons and uncovering the origins of said demons; learning to not only understand them but be courageous enough to love them and nurture them- for we are our demons.

Laneya Billingsley experimental film maker for Agora Digital Art

►► Network Profile: Laneya Billingsley, Digital Artist

21.05.12 Agora Talk 24: vincent cy chen, co-founder of De:Formal Gallery for Agora Digital Art

►► Network Profile: Vincent CY Chen, co-founder of De:Formal Gallery

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Lots of shine to Vincent Cy Chen, from De:Formal for moderating this talk.

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