In this Agora Talk, discover the advantages of social VR in Mozilla Hubs with Dr P-F Gérard @pierre_rider  from Metaxu.Studio

The VR expert will share a quick history of virtual reality technology and give us a personal guided tour in Mozilla Hubs.

Why should I attend?

  • Explore by yourself how Virtual Reality recreates almost IRL events.
  • Set up exhibitions and reach a global audience.

Venue: Mozilla Hubs

Pierre-Francois Gerard - VR architect for Agora Digital Art

►► Network Profile: Pierre-François Gérard

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Lot of shines to Isabella Helms, Curator and Moderator of this talk.

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Summer bootcamp!

Learn how to create your VR venue in Mozilla Hubs!

Our partner Metax.Studio will deliver a one-week bootcamp to help you to create and dress your social VR venue.

Guest’s Portfolio

the space showing a glimpse of the amphitheatre downstairs © Courtesy of the artist.
That was InReal-Time 01 photographs exhibition “(A) Queer body (IES)” by Youcef Adjazi and model Lulu. © Courtesy of the artist.

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