Lend Me Your Face – Go Fake Yourself! is a participatory deepfake AI net art project on view until 17 March, linked from The Photographers’ Gallery website.

The talk focused on understanding how photography evolved with new technologies and what are the impacts of those images.

We explored the themes related to our digital identities within the culture of selfies, how do we react to the appropriation of our image and disembodiment, how we may or not control new technologies, and what are the flows in those technologies.

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This event was produced for you by our super Team of VolunteersLots of shine toMonika Raithel, Sarah Roberts and Peter Traynor

What did we learn?

  1. How the project Lend Me Your Face – Go Fake Yourself! is a performative participatory project.
  2. We can reflect upon the limitation of the machine with its imperfection and glitch.
  3. The models were chosen because they were specific to a particular political moment.
  4. The Photographers Gallery has a wonderful gold mine of information about the evolution of imagery and Data sets. Check the links below.
  5. Today, artists and photographers have to learn both: lens work and software skills. And, Computational Photography is rapidly evolving.

More info about Tamiko Thiel

More info about The Photographers’ Gallery

Tamiko Thiel’s Portfolio

Tamiko Thiel and /p, Lend Me Your Face – Go Fake Yourself! deep-fake AI net art(2020/2021) © Courtesy of the artists.

Lend Me Your Face – Go Fake Yourself! is a participatory deepfake artificial intelligence project exploring how easily and quickly one’s identity, apparent emotions and speech can be manipulated using machine learning-driven neural networks. This is The Photographers’ Gallery’s first commission for “Imagin(in)g Networks,” their new program exploring existing and potential networks that use images to enable human and machine interactions.

In Lend Me Your Face – Go Fake Yourself!we invite you to upload an image of yourself to our website. The resulting videos, only visible to you on the device you used to upload, highlight the growing simplification of new technologies exploring the tension between people’s desire to engage with them and the problematics that lay beneath.

How to participate?

Lend Me Your Face – Go Deep Fake Yourself!

You are taking the photograph yourself, uploading it yourself, and (unless a huge number of people do it simultaneously) you see the first deepfake of yourself in about a minute, with the rest trickling in soon after.

You personally choose to be involved in the process and see very quickly how little is required to create the deepfakes of you doing something that you haven’t ever actually done.

These are the tensions that are really important for me [Tamiko Thiel] to play with, in different versions of this work.

Tamiko Thiel, Sponge Space Trash Takeover – Mozilla Hubs virtual reality artwork (2020) © Courtesy of the artist.

“Sponge Space,” was developed by Cyan Planet for the xR HUB Bavaria. It is a multi-purpose virtual space that can be used for conferences and networking, work sessions or group meetings. For the Medientage München 2020, they invited me to stage an intervention: the “Sponge Space Trash Takeover.”

Outside of the sponge, visitors see Cyan Planet’s peaceful 360 video of fish feeding at a reef, and the massive pink sponge that is the conference space. Inside, however, visitors are confronted with the growing plastic pollution of our oceans that here fills up the sponge. Water bottles, plastic cutlery etc. have always been a prominent part of ocean plastic waste, but now the coronavirus pandemic has seen the sudden appearance of disposable masks and gloves polluting the waters as well.

Sponges actually do filter microplastics out of seawater, and a study says they seem to be resilient to damage from the waste. But organisms all the way up the food chain to human beings are ingesting more and more plastics, that have now permeated all the waters of the world from the sea bottom of the deepest trenches to the uninhabited reaches of the North and South Poles.

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