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Last Talk

21.04.14 Agora Talk20: Carla Gannis for Agora Digital Art

Agora Talk22: wwwunderkammer from XR to social VRCarla Gannis

wwwunderkammer appeals to the 16th  century “Cabinets of Curiosity” to consider the uncanny complications of grounded reality and virtual reality, nature and artifice, science and science fiction in contemporary digital culture, while building virtual worlds, founded upon de-colonizing, post-human, and feminist archives.

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X Reality

21.02.17 Tamiko Thiel and Jon Uriarte for Agora Digital Art
21.02.10 Agora Talk: Karen Levy, Art and Tech Entrepreneur and Collector for Agora Digital Art
21.01.27 Lucy Wheeler from The Immersive Kind for Agora Digital Art
20.12.16 Mila askarova - Claudia Hart
Agora Talk: Gate22 - Museum 2.0 with Nataliya Velykanova at Agora Digital Art
Agora Talk: Elif Eda - The Thing Between Us (2020) on set

Digital Art and Feminism

21.03.31 Emma Shapiro, Artist in Residency Lab for Agora Digital Art
21.02.24: W21 Talk: Motif Institute _ Gretchen Andrew for Agora Digital Art
Agora Talk: Lilia Ziamou - Digital Identities at Agora Digital Art
20.10.28 Agora Talk: Or Williams - The Wedding March (2020) for Agora Digital Art
20.06.24 Gretchen Andrew Penny Slinger for Agora Digital Art

Digital Curators

21.03.10 Speculative Future. How Digital Art Creates Social Change? – Alice Scope for Agora Digital Art
20.11.11 Doreen Rios Patricia Siller at Agora Digital Art
20.08.26 Snow Yunxue Fu and Wade Wallerstein for Agora Digital Art
20.08.12 Gabriella Warren-Smith Downloadable Brain for Agora Digital Art

Digital Sound Art

21.03.03 Digital Residency Lab: FEB 21: Samm Anga + Veronica Petukhov for Agora Digital Art
21.01.13 Agora Talk Monica Vlad for Agora Digital Art

Digital Art & Architecture

2.10.14 Rayan Elnayal for Agora Digital Art
20.09.23 Ellie Niblock and Alaa Tarabzouni for Agora Digital Art
20.07.22 Rebecca van Beeck and The PLOT for Agora Digital Art