Tamiko Thiel

Tamiko Thiel, multimedia pioneer artist using technology for Agora Digital Art

Tamiko Thiel is a visual artist who explores the ‘interplay of place, space, the body and cultural identity’. She creates 3d, augmented, virtual, and mixed reality artworks and installations and works with computer, video and print media.

In 1979, Thiel gained a Bachelor of Science degree in Product Design Engineering from Stanford University. She focused on human factors design and went on to work as a product design engineer at Hewlett-Packard, before gaining a Masters’ of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering design from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1983.

Thiel worked as lead product designer on the Connection Machines CM-1/CM-2 supercomputers at Danny Hillis’ MIT AI lab start-up Thinking Machines Corporation.

Thiel moved to Germany in 1990 to study studio art at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, where she specialised in video installation art and received a Diploma in Applied Graphics. Since then she has worked as an artist and gained an international reputation in digital and new media art.



ARTISTS PROFILE Tamiko Thiel for Agora Digital Art

Artist’s Profile: Tamiko Thiel

Sarah Roberts | Ed |

Tamiko Thiel Lend Me Your Face

 Interview with Sarah Cook, curator and professor in Information Studies at the University of Glasgow.  Part of Unthinking Photography, The Photographers’ Gallery’s online space for discussions on the expanding nature of the medium.


21.02.17 Tamiko Thiel and Jon Uriarte for Agora Digital Art
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