Valeria Facchin

W21 Valeria Facchin - partner at Agora Digital Art

Valeria Facchin is a curator and researcher. With a focus on visual studies, biology and AI, her work explores the relationship between bodies, technologies and future ecosystems. 

Valeria’s research questions are: “How can the concept of disembodiment, the neutralisation of genders, be countered and reimagined as productive within the virtual realm?”

While considered as assemblages of computational processes, Valeria compares virtual environments as permeable membranes between worlds. By acting as a layered extension of the physical realm, they could be compared to mini-ecosystems – functional arenas, such as the mesocosms, enclosed and essentially self-sufficient experimental controlled environments. Valeria’s body of work tries to acknowledge their ecomimetic and mesocosmic properties as a way to erode the divisions between the real and the virtual: in other words, through virtual environments, we experience a multitude of universes, n-possibilities. This could be explained through the quantum theory of the multiverse which implies that alongside our world lie a possibly infinite number of other worlds, and to which ours has some connection. Valeria believes that, by bringing the nonhuman world into equal prominence with the human, the synthetic worlds of virtuality should be considered not merely as an extension of reality, but as an independent, yet interconnected ecosystem.

She holds an MA in History of Art from @cafoscari and an MA in Curatorial Museum Studies from @courtauld. She is currently working as Assistant Curator at @fiorucciartrust, London. Before @fiorucciartrust she held curatorial positions, among others, at @somersethouse@sciencemuseum and @labiennale. Valeria regularly speaks at panels and conferences about the impact of technology in contemporary art practice and she has served as a founding young trustee of @scigalleryve





  • 21.02.24: W21 Talk: Motif Institute _ Gretchen Andrew for Agora Digital Art
  • Gretchen Andrew: Map of the EU - Boat (2020)
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