In this very nourishing talk, Snow Yunxue Fu and Wade Wallerstein explained the concept of liminality in the digital world. 

The word liminal is often used to discuss the sublime within digital space and the VR experience, conjuring up notions of time, space, and perception, and echoing the experience of the sublime in nature.

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What did we learn?

  1. The difference between Liminal, Liminality and Liminoid.
  2. What Snow Yunxue Fu refers to the “Techno Sublime”.
  3. A furtive look on the vast domain of Digital Curation.
  4. How the Internet and social media can amplify your reach.

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Artist’s Portfolio

Working primarily with 3D software, Fu creates scenes of experimental abstraction that translate the concept of liminality into the digital experience.

About the video © Snow Yunxue Fu, 4.34 min. video “Trench 1 (VR walkthrough recording excerpt)” (2019). Courtesy of the artist.

-Trench 2 (VR)
-Trench 1 (VR)
-Karst 1 (VR)
-Karst 2 (VR)
-Karst 3 (VR)
-Conjoin (Chapter 1)
-Conjoin (Chapter 3)
-Fire Line Studies
-Ground Fires
-NYU Solo Show Installation Documentations

© Couresy of the artist Snow Yunxue Fu

Digital Curator’s Portfolio

Wade Wallerstein, CURATING THE DIGITAL (2018) © Courtesy of the curator.

Well Now WTF? 

#WellNowWTF is curated by @asugarhigh@lorna.mills, & @habitualtruant. Exhibition design and installation by @kelaninichole. Includes a kick-ass essay by @sethwatter.

© Snow Yunxue Fu, artwork part of  Well Now WTF exhibition in “Burn it Down” by Silicon Valet. Courtesy of the artist, Silicon Valet
© Courtesy of the artist @ziyang_wu_art’s “A Woman with the Technology.”

What’s Next for Wade Wallerstein?

Dismal Sessions 001 – 021   Opening 4 September 2020

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Dismal Sessions is an ongoing series of dank mixes, fermented visions, sacred texts, trash vector collect calls, ambient occlusions, cursed ASMR, sublime leaks and bad datasets; an ecstatic content collapse. The Dismal Sessions are audio-visual artefacts by various visual artists, musicians, DJs, avatars, producers, machines, sprites, poets, homies, and more. This virtual exhibition brings together the first 21 Dismal Sessions. It is a sprawling underground festival in which to immerse; a thick tangle of uneven and combined heresies in which to lose yourself.

Emphasising the murky boundaries between platform-mediated realities, the diverse range of practices represented in the Dismal Sessions ferment a post-digital conspiracy. Shiny renders clang dissonantly against deep-fried aesthetics in multi-modal works whose variegated roots reach towards cataclysmic and sometimes blasphemous understandings of contemporary culture. Built upon the long and fractalized histories of countless subcultures, subreddits and subterranean secrets, the Dismal Sessions sprout from the disasters and dissociation that define being in the world today.

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