Snow Yuxue Fu

Delve into the liminal and explore the “techno-sublime” of digital art.

Elspeth Walker  |  Ed YoungMi Lamine  |  19 October 2019

20.08.26 Agora Talk: Snow Yunxue Fu talks about the Liminality of Digital Art

Snow Yunxue Fu (b. 1987, China) is an International New Media Artist who lives and works in New York City. Fu is also an Assistant Arts Professor at New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Department of Photography and Imaging.

Using topographical computer-rendered images and installations, her practice merges historical, post-photographic, philosophical, and painterly explorations into the universal aesthetic and definitive nature of the “techno-sublime”.

Current Event

Artist, Title work (yyyy) © Courtesy of the artist.

What’s next?

Resolution from Snow Yunxue Fu on Vimeo.

Snow Yunxue Fu, Resolution – 3D moving image with sound 2:08  min (2018) © Courtesy of the artist.

-Visual Assistants: Dohee Kim and Yuki Cong
-Sound Commission: Bobby Swainhart

“…myth is depoliticized speech. One must naturally understand ‘political’ in its deeper meaning, as describing the whole of human relations in their real, social structure, in their power of making the world…Myth does not deny things, on the contrary, its function is to talk about them…”

From the article Video: Shedding the Utopian Moment by Martha Rosler

Did you know?

Snow Yunxue Fu’s transition into new media is a natural extension of her conceptual research in which she draws parallels between the physical, metaphysical, digital, and multi-dimensional spaces.

Snow Yunxue Fu, Liminal Momentum (2021) solo show twin of the physical show in China © Courtesy of the artist.

Featured Projects

Karst 2 VR series (2018)

Snow Yunxue Fue, Karst 2 (2020) VR Series © Courtesy of the artist.

Karst is a multi-level virtual reality visual and sound experience/artwork that creates liminal spaces in between the representational and the theatrical, the limited and the multi-dimensional, and the abstract and the real for people to visit and experience. The multiple scenes in Karst reference a variety of places in our reality that are being limited to be visited because of various reasons, revealing human’s relationship to the larger world. It pushes the boundaries of landscape art by putting natural ecologies and human environmental interventions in dialogue through immersive VR. It also attempts to embody the concept of Plato’s cave in the medium of a virtually constructed realm.

Snow Yunxue Fu, Trench 2 (2020) © Courtesy of the artist.

Trench 2 (2020)

Trench is a virtual reality project that is set in a digitally simulated space resembling an abstracted oceanic environment, not unlike the Mariana Trench. While diving deeper within the simulation, the participant approach’s various CGI marine-like objects, which will trigger natural and glitched phenomena that alter the digital experience. The glitching and abstraction of these objects and environments will be based on the visualization of data from environmental research.

The space invites a subliminal experience interrupted by the beauty and terror of natural and man-made phenomena, documenting the current disparity between the majority’s perception of environmental damage caused by human activity, the actual data that exists on such matters, and our desire to preserve, enjoy, and relate to nature.

(Project Assistants: Kamile Eidukeviciute, Ashley Liu, Soffiah Decena, and Jun Kang)

Snow Yunxue Fu et al., VR WSPark (2021) © Courtesy of the artists

VR WSPark (2021)

VR WSPark ​is designed as a virtual reality cosmopolitan park resembling NYC’s Washington Square Park, presented on the Social VR Platform Sansar, co-hosted by the DSLCollection. The showcase is devoted to the curated 3D Imaging artworks of  Snow Yunxue Fu and her students from NYU Tisch School of the Arts – Department of Photo and Imaging.

It also functions as a virtual cultural hub for additional events, lectures, NFT sales and shows in the metaverse.

Agora Talk

In partnership with Numomo: Scott Fuzion and Dr. Rolf Hoefer

Special guest women crypto artist: Snow Yunxue Fu

They answered 3 questions:

  1. What is the intrinsic value of NFTs?
  2. How can artists use NFTs to capture more value?
  3. What’s the life of an NFT artist?
20.08.26 Agora Talk 4 - Snow Yunxue Fu and Wade Wallerstein for Agora Digital Art

What did we learn?

  1. The difference between Liminal, Liminality and Liminoid.
  2. What Snow Yunxue Fu refers to as the “Techno Sublime”.
  3. A furtive look at the vast domain of Digital Curation.
  4. How the Internet and social media can amplify your reach.

Key achievements

With a background in painting and having moved into new media art, she remains the youngest artist collected by the National Art Museum of China.

Recent shows

Solo shows

2021, Cavern Us, Online Solo Show, V-Art

2021, Liminal Momentum, Online Solo Show, Hubs Mozilla

2020, Bask, Solo Window Display, Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2020, Conjoin (Chapter 3), Online Solo Show, Arebyte on Screen (AOS)

2020, Liminality Liminoid, Solo show, Multispace NYC, New York, NY

2019, Karst, Snow Yunxue Fu Solo Show, Chazan Family Gallery, Rhode Island College, Providence RI.

Group shows

2021, Two Person Shows, Gordon Parks Gallery at Metro State University in Saint Paul, MN

2020/21, Artworks shown in the Art Rights 3D Virtual Exhibition on the Lieu City VR exhibition platform

2020, The FutureLab 2020 exhibition at the West Bund Art Center in Shanghai

2020, Conjoin (Chapter 2), File Festival, Cultural Centre of SESI in São Paulo City, Brazil

2020, Bask, Third Chinese Women Video Art Festival, Mexico City, Mexico

Museums or Fairs

2021, Liminal Momentum ,Duende Art Museum, China

2020, ART + TECH Festival “Joynt” in the virtual New Art City gallery

2020, Elementum Exhibition – part of the Digital Art Month in Miami

2020, Supernova Denver

2020, Snow Yunxue Fu Artist Solo Booth, Contemporary and Digital Art Fair (CADAF), online

2019, Karst, Ptuj City Gallery, as part of the European Capital of Culture project Maribor in the 17th Art Stays Festival, in Ptuj, Slovenia.

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