The world was disrupted by the non-fungible tokens, but those digital certificates present some difficulties. NFTs are difficult to mint, NFTs are expensive and NFTs damage the environment. In this article find two new suitable alternatives to traditional bitcoin and ethereum.

YoungMi Lamine   | 11 August 2021

While the art world was amazed by the potential of the NFTs, some artists expressed more concerns about the environmental impact of their NFTs sales.

Hic et Nunc became in a couple of months a very good alternative to common NFT platforms such as Foundation, Rarible and OpenSea.

Learn how to create your tokens on Hic et Nunc with the artist Ivona Tau: How to get started with clean NFT in three steps  (22 April 2021)

Artist Website
WOCA Course on Discord
Cube-VoiceHQ NFT made easy for everyone - Agora Digital Art

Let’s continue our journey to clean NFTs with the newcomer VoiceHQ (in Beta).

Apparently, the VoiceHQ platform simplifies the whole process for the creators and the collectors.


  1. users can mint NFTs for free,
  2. buyers can purchase creations with a standard credit card,
  3. No cryptocurrency,
  4. no gas fees,
  5. no annoying training or previous NFT experience necessary.

Learn more in this article: How to make NFT easy for everyone (26 July 2021)

VoiceHQ Website

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