How would you depict a specific feeling or emotion? Gabriela Reyes uses visual programming to interpret romantic and erotic sensations through her unique exploration of abstract discourse. The result is the mesmerising multimedia, multisensory generative art project:  m o r e .  Gabriela’s upcoming talk will transport us to the erotic subconscious of  m o r e , created during July’s Residency Lab with Agora Digital Art.

Elizabeth Richardson |  Ed. Peter Traynor | 17 Septembre 2021
CERO TRES,  m e l t i n g  from the  m o r e  series (2021) © Gabriela Reyes, Courtesy of the artist.

Agora presents July’s artist-in-residence, Gabriela Reyes. Reyes also known as CERO TRES is a Designer and Multimedia Artist whose work explores abstract expression through multimedia experimentation.  Reyes is particularly drawn to the interplay of light and space and examines this in her signature monochromatic style. Throughout her residency’s generative art project   m o r e , Reyes expands her personal abstract discourse to consider how the emotional sensations that accompany the physicality of “a kiss, a caress” or “holding someone’s hand tightly” can be visually and sonically depicted. 

CERO TRES,  m e l t i n g  from the m o r e  series (2021) © Gabriela Reyes, Courtesy of the artist.

m o r e   transcends the figurative, exploring the possibility of both conveying and producing romantic or erotic sensation in a series of abstract visual suggestions. The project seeks to (re)define physical and emotional experience through digital graphic compositions, each appealing to how Reyes believes in the nature of “building emotions and reliving sensations from a visual experience”. 

Reyes focuses on how erotic intensity may be suggested through nebulous forms, motion, rhythm and the intersections of light and shadow.  The project merges Reyes’ unique monochromatic style of visual programming with experimental audio and poetry to transport us to a world of the erotic subconscious. 

CERO TRES,  v i o l e n c e  from the m o r e  series (2021), © Gabriela Reyes, Courtesy of the artist.

This now-ongoing generative AV artwork series has resulted in two digital graphic compositions during Reyes’ residency with Agora:  m e l t i n g   and   v i o l e n c e .   m e l t i n g   observes the emotional subtleties of a first moment, whether that be a touch; a kiss; a shared glance, while   v i o l e n c e   explores the syncopated turbulence and excitement of desire.  The visuals are accompanied by ethereal soundscapes to heighten the sensations they create.  This digital residency represents Reyes’ first major experimentation with audio, and she achieved wonderful results.

CERO TRES,  m e l t i n g  from the m o r e  series (2021) © Gabriela Reyes, Courtesy of the artist.

“Ideas that are related to personal erotic experience are rarely expressed with the correct words,” Reyes explains. She wholly embraces this challenge, working directly with words as the creative starting point for each composition. Reyes takes disparate lyrics from her favourite songs, merging them in a series of stream-of-consciousness poetic assemblages that inform the visual abstractions throughout   m e l t i n g   and   v i o l e n c e

Fragments of these poems feature in the final compositions, with Reyes’ intertextual reworking of lyrics both literally and figuratively resembling the challenge of cohesively expressing intense emotional experiences. This sensory enigma is perhaps best illustrated in her poetic accompaniment to   m e l t i n g : “when you’re around / what is this spell? / can not think”.

Reyes casts us under this transcendental “spell,” creating exquisite contrasting moments of comfort and tension that characterise the intentions of   m o r e . Her two generative compositions are brought together in the exhibition of the   m o r e  series, soon to be launched at

Agora Digital Art is excited to be in conversation with Gabriela Reyes on Wednesday 22nd September as she presents  m o r e  for the first time. This talk accompanies the launch of the project’s exhibition and will focus on Reyes’ process, practice, and the future of   m o r e

VR Exhibition at

Artists in Residence: Amiss Collective

Digital Curator: Isabella Helms

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  • Digital Residency: MORE by Gabriela Reyes for Agora Digital Art
  • Digital Residency: MORE by Gabriela Reyes for Agora Digital Art
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About the artist

Woman Digital Artist: Reyes Gabriela - portrait for Agora Digital Art

Gabriela Reyes (B. 1990, México). Designer and Multimedia Artist graduated from the School of Design of the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico.

She currently works as an independent artist under the name of Cero Tres and together with the artist and designer FFakt she is co-author of the Multimedia Art Studio F3.

Both individual and collective projects are a reflection of her affinity for abstract expression, focused on multimedia experimentation with light, space and image through a minimalist and monochrome style with a strong tendency towards the essential.

The development of her artistic work is an accompaniment between visual programming, basic electronics and phenomenological exploration of light and space.

She has shown her individual work in small festivals geared towards women and non-binary groups in Mexico and her collective work in Mexico and abroad in spaces such as: NODE Forum for Digital Arts 2020 (Frankfurt | DE), Athens Digital Arts Festival 2020 (Atenas | GR), Centro de Cultura Digital (Ciudad de México | MX), Paradise Festival (Cap Cana | DR), Centro Nacional de las Artes (Ciudad de México | MX), CMD_Festival (Ciudad de México | MX), Showfields (Nueva York | EU), Earsten Bloc (Montreal | CA), Festival Internacional de la Imagen (Manizales | CO), among others.

Artist’s statement

My work is the interpretation of my affinity for simple things, focused on the phenomenological exploration of light, form and space. Through a variety of media, always related to visual programming, digital and electronic tools, I use light as the main form of my expression.

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