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Augmented reality is the process of using technology to superimpose images, text or sounds on top of what a person can already see. It uses a smartphone or tablet to alter the existing picture, via an app. The user stands in front of a scene and holds up their device.

What is digital art and why does it matter?

2020-09-12T11:54:21+01:00Animation Art, Art and Technology, Augmented Reality, Computer Art, Digital Art, New Media Art|

What about digital art makes it “art”, and what makes it a worthy component of the 21st art landscape? Megan Powell  |  Ed Francesca Gransden  |  20 July 2020 [...]

It’s Not Easy Being Green: Maria Mahfooz’s first solo exhibition delves into the digital and green screen.

2020-08-31T13:05:56+01:00Augmented Reality, Digital Art, In London, Performance, Video Art|

It’s Not Easy Being Green, sang Kermit the Frog. Elspeth Walker |  Ed: Clare Deal  |  5 June 2020 30 Q’s with Maria [...]

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