Digital Performance is a very wide category filled with a range of productions. It is performance that incorporates and integrates computer technologies and techniques.[1] Performers can incorporate multimedia into any type of production whether it is live on a theatre stage or in the street. Anything as small as video recordings or a visual image classifies the production as multimedia. When the key role in a performance is the technologies, it is considered a digital performance. This can be as little as projections on a screen in front of a live audience to creating and devising a performance in an online environment to using animation and sensing software’s.

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley uses Digital Art to reimagine the archive as an interactive experience. [...]

What is Fungibility? NFTs, Slavery and Mushrooms.

Unpicking the lexicon of NFTs reminds us how interconnected capitalism, technology and slavery really are. Zelda Solomon  |  [...]

Mária Júdová

Mária Júdová From the dance of shamans to the dance of light with sound: Mária [...]

What Is at Stake in Jake Elwes’ Work of Queering AI?

New Media artwork, The Zizi Show by artist Jake Elwes is a deep fake drag show and the first-ever [...]

Curator’s Radar #1: Discover Sian Fan the Multi-talented Artist

Agora Digital Art is proud to present the first episode of Curator's Radar with Adrian StClair. Our first mark [...]

2021-12-04T13:42:42+00:0011 January 2021|Digital Art, In London, Interview, Performance, Podcast Interview, Video Art, Virtual Reality, Women To Watch|Comments Off on Curator’s Radar #1: Discover Sian Fan the Multi-talented Artist

Gretchen Andrew

Gretchen Andrew Can a woman artist subvert the machines? Well, let’s debug how Gretchen Andrew [...]

We will be seen – visibility in the works of Martine Syms

Immerse into a digital realm, where stories are told through the eyes of an artist committed to depicting real [...]

2021-12-05T17:40:01+00:0019 August 2020|New Media Art, Performance, Video Art, Women To Watch|Comments Off on We will be seen – visibility in the works of Martine Syms
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