Game art is basically all the visual elements you see while playing a game. Without visual artists there, the game would be nothing more than ideas in a designer’s mind if not lines of code on a computer. Common visual elements provided by game artists: Concept art. Sprites. Character models. Environments.

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley uses Digital Art to reimagine the archive as an interactive experience. [...]

West Sydney’s Finest Demon: Serwah Attafuah draws us into her digital dreamworld

From Western Sydney to Sotheby’s, digital artist Serwah Attafuah creates luminous renditions of our future, giving us the ‘floorplans [...]

Léa Porré

Léa Porré The digital artist Léa Porré builds alternative worlds that transcend historical boundaries, detached [...]

Wednesday Kim

Wednesday Kim Through sharing her perception of trauma, human psychology and identity, Wednesday Kim creates [...]

Videogame Art with Kristoffer Zetterstrand

In our fifth episode of Curator’s Radar, we are in conversation with Kristoffer Zetterstrand, an accomplished Swedish artist whose [...]

Auriea Harvey

Auriea Harvey Auriea Harvey masterfully blends the physical and the digital in her innovative New [...]

Lu Yang

Lu Yang Lu Yang is a multimedia artist driven by the desire to explore her [...]

The DSLcollection is Mind-blowing in an art game!

Rapidly evolving digital technologies offer unprecedented creative opportunities for digital artists, alongside the promise to disrupt strongly-held ideas about [...]

2021-12-04T13:46:01+00:005 February 2021|Agora Talks, Digital Art, Game Art, New Media Art, Virtual Reality|Comments Off on The DSLcollection is Mind-blowing in an art game!

The Art of Breaking Boundaries: Digital Art at the Cutting Edge.

While many digital artists have embraced technology in the internet age, technologists have also embraced art, blurring the boundaries [...]

2021-12-04T13:29:07+00:002 November 2020|3D, Art and Technology, Augmented Reality, Biography, Computer Art, Game Art, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Women To Watch|Comments Off on The Art of Breaking Boundaries: Digital Art at the Cutting Edge.

Terminus (2020) – Jess Johnson and Simon Ward

Choose your own adventure or fated quest? Jess Johnson and Simon Ward’s cybernetic world captures the unease of reality. [...]

2021-12-05T01:20:07+00:006 March 2020|Animation Art, Digital Art, Game Art, In Australia, Virtual Reality|Comments Off on Terminus (2020) – Jess Johnson and Simon Ward
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