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Computer animation began in the 1960s and is animation’s digital successor. Using software programs like Adobe Flash, animators build-up sequences on a computer to be used as special effects in film, called Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), or as animated sequences in their own right. Computer animation has distinct advantages for artists: it is cheap to make, fast, and the artist is able to control every aspect of the process unlike the vagaries of shooting film which cannot be viewed until developed. Sites like YouTube and MySpace have become forums for computer animation, bypassing the traditional galleries and museums as the spaces for the artistic enterprise.

What is digital art and why does it matter?

2020-09-12T11:54:21+01:00Animation Art, Art and Technology, Augmented Reality, Computer Art, Digital Art, New Media Art|

What about digital art makes it “art”, and what makes it a worthy component of the 21st art landscape? Megan Powell  |  Ed Francesca Gransden  |  20 July 2020 [...]

Terminus (2020) – Jess Johnson and Simon Ward

2020-08-31T13:52:36+01:00Animation Art, Digital Art, Game Art, In Australia, Virtual Reality|

Choose your own adventure or fated quest? Jess Johnson and Simon Ward’s cybernetic world captures the unease of reality. Elizabeth Harris  |  Ed: Francesca Gransden  |  6 March 2020 [...]

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