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Scenographer, Architect and Artist: Rebecca van Beeck defies artistic labels

2020-08-07T19:10:55+01:00Architecture, Art and Technology, Digital Art, In London, New Media Art, Our Contemporaries, Performance|

South African artist Rebecca van Beeck talks with our Editor about her migration online during lockdown and her participation in the experimental exhibition: THE PLOT.  Interviewer Francesca Gransden  [...]

Hans Op de Beeck and the Exploration of Time and Space

2020-08-07T20:13:53+01:00Architecture, Immersive Environment, New Media Art, On View, Online Show, Our Contemporaries, Video Art|

Visual artist Hans Op de Beeck is somewhat of a master of all mediums, but it’s with his digitally-led techniques that he builds mystifying visual constructs.  Francesca Gransden  [...]

Immersive Atmospheres: A digital approach to spatial practice (2020) – the PLOT and Rebecca van Beeck

2020-08-11T11:15:41+01:00Agora Talks, Architecture, Digital Art, Immersive Environment, In Cape Town, In London, Our Contemporaries|

Over the past few months nostalgia has been omnipresent in our hyperconnected memory culture.  Aliandra Busila  |  Ed YoungMi Lamine  |  8 July 2020 [...]

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