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Gabriela Reyes: HOW TO MINT ON "Hic et Nunc" - Agora Digital Art

Gabriela Reyes – How to Mint your NFT on Hic Et Nunc

Sell your NFT and respect the environment with this green NFT solution

Starting: online now

Duration: 09:00 min

Venue: online course

Tutor: Gabriela Reyes

Level: All

Price: free of charge

How to navigate in Hubs Mozilla - Agora Digital Art

Quick Tutorial with  on  How to Navigate in Hubs Mozilla?

Starting: online now

Duration: 02:12 min

Venue: online course

Tutor: Pierre-François Gérard and Neil Kelso

Level: All

Price: free of charge

Recommended XR course website: Circuit Stream for your XR projects

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