How to Mint your NFT on Hic Et Nunc

Thank you so much to the artist Gabriela Reyes @CeroTres for this quick tutorial about Hic Et Nunc (HEN).

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About the artist

21.09.08 Digital Resident: Gabriela Reyes for Agora Digital Art

Project: More

Artist in Residence: Gabriela Reyes

Curator and Moderator: Elizabeth Richardson

Venue: Hubs Mozilla created by @Metaxu.Studio

Gabriela Reyes (B. 1990, México). Designer and Multimedia Artist graduated from the School of Design of the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico.

She currently works as an independent artist under the name of Cero Tres and together with the artist and designer FFakt she is co-author of the Multimedia Art Studio F3.

Both individual and collective projects are a reflection of her affinity for abstract expression, focused on multimedia experimentation with light, space and image through a minimalist and monochrome style with a strong tendency towards the essential.

The development of her artistic work is an accompaniment between visual programming, basic electronics and phenomenological exploration of light and space.

She has shown her individual work in small festivals geared towards women and non-binary groups in Mexico and her collective work in Mexico and abroad in spaces such as: NODE Forum for Digital Arts 2020 (Frankfurt | DE), Athens Digital Arts Festival 2020 (Atenas | GR), Centro de Cultura Digital (Ciudad de México | MX), Paradise Festival (Cap Cana | DR), Centro Nacional de las Artes (Ciudad de México | MX), CMD_Festival (Ciudad de México | MX), Showfields (Nueva York | EU), Earsten Bloc (Montreal | CA), Festival Internacional de la Imagen (Manizales | CO), among others.

Artist’s statement

My work is the interpretation of my affinity for simple things, focused on the phenomenological exploration of light, form and space. Through a variety of media, always related to visual programming, digital and electronic tools, I use light as the main form of my expression.

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