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1. Be concise

To articulate your ideas thoroughly,  prepare your response: ensure your post is cohesive, coherent, and complete.

2. Be relevant

Include personal or professional experience, when applicable, and develop your argument to support your ideas with evidence.

Offer real-world application of these ideas to bring added value to the conversation and resonate with the community.

3. Bring uniqueness

Do something extra that requires others to think and respond to the ideas you are sharing.

Be sure that you have proposed your unique perspective and accept that your view can be challenged by this community.

4. Engage

Engage with the community, and continue to ask follow-up questions.

Be an integral part of the conversation and add value to what is being discussed.

Make sure to check all spelling and grammar. Just because it is a discussion post does not mean it should be messy.

5. Be polite

Be considerate to each community member! Thanks for keeping it courteous.

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