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Gabriela Reyes, Vigía – Part 1 (2021) @Courtesy of the artist.
Music by @bostich & @harald_grosskopf
Visual by @f3.output

Current Resident: Gabriela Reyes

Digital Curator: Elizabeth Richardson

Project concept: More

The generative art project seeks to deepen the connotation of sensations, emotions or any physical alteration produced in a person from an abstract visual suggestion. Specifically, those suggestions that arouse romantic or erotic sensations. Through an experimental exploration of very high levels of abstraction in the visual interpretation of certain concepts, this project seeks to appeal to the transcendental thinking of the subject and his or her imaginative being, which is capable of building emotions and reliving sensations from a visual experience. A series of visual suggestions will be built from digital graphic compositions with generative, monochrome and subtle qualities. Through visual programming, I will work on the simplest and most abstract way to represent concepts such as a kiss, a caress or the act of holding someone’s hand tightly. Seeking to evoke the most intense ideas that are related to personal erotic experience, from sin, lust or censorship to kitsch and romance.

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21.06.30 Joshanne Dar for Agora Digital Art

Project: Homo Ex-Machina, Now Playable

Artist in Residence: Joshanne Dar

21.06.09 Agora Talk 26: MissUniverseGAN (2021) Fabiola Larios for Agora Digital Art

Project concept: MissUniverseGAN

Artist in Residence: Fabiola Larios

21.05.05 Agora Talk 23 Ashley Zelinskie - Exploration for Agora Digital Art

Project concept: Exploration

Artist in Residence: Ashley Zelinskie

21.03.31 Agora Talk 20 Emma Shapiro - Cuerpas for Agora Digital Art

Project: Cuerpas

Artist in Residence: Emma Shapiro

21.03.03 Agora Talk 18 Samm Anga Veronica Petukhov - for Agora Digital Art


Artists in Residence: Samm Anga and Veronica Petukhov