Agora Digital Art Residencies

The purpose of the digital residency is to become a springboard for creative women working in Digital Art and virtual reality.

You can develop or create a project from scratch. It does not need to be finished by the end of your monthly residency.

We celebrate the good work with an exhibition on a virtual platform such as Hubs Mozilla or any other you may be familiar with.

That venue exhibition is yours and you can update it, amend it as long as you want. Take this opportunity to have a solo venue where you can invite the public, the gallerists and the curators to show your work.

Current Resident

@i_love_you_gertruda This is the peak of the New Sincerity in the performance of this type by exactly this type of artist #newmedia #performanceart #yarnpunk ♬ original sound - Gertrūda
Gertruda Gilyte,  I Love You Gertruda (2022) © Courtesy of the artist.

Current Artist in Residency: Gertrüda Gilyté

Digital Curator: Elizabeth Richardson

ProjectNeuroplasticity – I Love You Gertrüda

The project is the continuation of Gilyté’s theoretical research (personal development as a performative practice) and her previous Instagram-based durational work, using various mainstream positive psychology tools in order to improve my personal and professional life as well as attract success in the art field. It conceptually had to end with institutional acceptance, which happened in 2020.

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