Digital Art Residencies

Current Resident

Irem Çoban, Proverbs series: When woman reigns, the devil rules (2021) English proverb @Courtesy of the artist.

Current Resident: Irem Çoban

Digital Curator: Isil Çelik

Project concept: Women in Proverbs

The subject of this artist residency is to illustrate the proverbs related to women in almost every culture around the world through Minike Schipper’s book titled “Women in Proverbs Worldwide”. I want to complete my idea generation phase, where you can see the drafts via Instagram and Behance, with the effective and generative display of the digital illustrations I think to draw about the proverbs and the video works which I want to make.

Previous Residents

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21.09.08 Digital Resident: Gabriela Reyes for Agora Digital Art

Project: More

Artist in Residence: Gabriela Reyes

21.06.30 Joshanne Dar for Agora Digital Art

Project: Homo Ex-Machina, Now Playable

Artist in Residence: Joshanne Dar

21.06.09 Agora Talk 26: MissUniverseGAN (2021) Fabiola Larios for Agora Digital Art

Project concept: MissUniverseGAN

Artist in Residence: Fabiola Larios

21.05.05 Agora Talk 23 Ashley Zelinskie - Exploration for Agora Digital Art

Project concept: Exploration

Artist in Residence: Ashley Zelinskie

21.03.31 Agora Talk 20 Emma Shapiro - Cuerpas for Agora Digital Art

Project: Cuerpas

Artist in Residence: Emma Shapiro

21.03.03 Agora Talk 18 Samm Anga Veronica Petukhov - for Agora Digital Art


Artists in Residence: Samm Anga and Veronica Petukhov