Virtual Residency Lab

Resident: Fabiola Larios

Fabiola Larios, Internet Humans (2020) © Courtesy of the artist.

Project concept: Miss Universe GAN

I am interested in computing and investigating the Miss Universe Beauty pageant standards. I want to create a Machine Learning model based on a large dataset of winning Miss Universe photos since the contest began in 1952. I dub the artwork “Miss Universe GAN,” based on the machine learning term Generative Adversarial Network. 

Beauty standards are continually changing and evolving each year. The means of beauty 50 years ago is a foreign matter to new generations. I’d like to create this model to express a conglomeration of computer-generated beauty. This artwork will not predict the next generations of Miss Universe. The machine learning piece is a computer enunciation of beauty.

Artist’s Portfolio

Fabiola Larios, Progress Selfie RunwayML II  (2020) © Courtesy of the artist.

The self-portrait is a category of image. A public image, a self-representation, a reflection that has morphed from 17th century painted portraits, all the way to 21st century accessible selfies on the internet and social media. The “Internet humans: A selfie of the internet” project came out of my curiosity to explore a distorted mirror-reflection of combined social-media users performing through face-filters on social platforms. I wanted to see the results of all these faces, textures, colors and forms.

Fabiola Larios, I want to be a Cyborg  (2020) © Courtesy of the artist.

Full of cables, connected to the internet, to the phone, and still trying to be part human living with the desire of being a robot, different from the concept of robots in movies wanting just to be a normal human, some humans just don’t want that.

Agora Talk

Agora Talk: 2 June 2021

on Zoom

21.06.02 Agora Talk 26: Artist Resident - Fabiola Larios - Miss Universe GAN 2021 - Agora Digital Art

About the artist

Fabiola Larios, México (1986). Digital artist, her work focuses on the anthropology of social networks, the narrative of the Internet Culture (selfies, avatars) and surveillance capitalism. She was the Project assistant of Paolo Cirio during the Attention art project. Featured in the Electric Artefacts first online exhibition, also selected to be part of the AI ​​Art Gallery of NeurIPS2020 (Neural Information Processing Systems) curated by Luba Elliot.

Artist’s statement

I’m interested in the current techno-political environment surrounding data sensitivity and surveillance capitalism, through the historical context of appropriation in contemporary art. The issues of data sensitivity and privacy in regards to machine learning, how we treat our information with such little care that it is easily available to be used for profit, advertising campaigns, and against us at our expense. Accessible data on the internet is now public property for computational and economic gains.

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