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    • What is art?

      What is the true meaning of art?

      Contemporary Art is exciting, ever-changing, and news-making, but often baffling and snobby, and sometimes even visually unpleasant. How did art become more about the idea and less about the skill? [1]

      Is art therapeutical, as Alain de Botton, Philosopher, pretends?

      "What's the point of art?" It's a question artists, historians and philosophers have grappled with for centuries. Alain de Botton, co-author of "Art as Therapy," sits down with Piya Chattopadhyay to discuss the therapeutic value art has on our lives. He's also the co-curator of the Art as Therapy exhibition series taking place at the Art Gallery of Ontario. [2]

      1) [From Saloon London with guest Dr. Marie Anne Mancio 'Digital worlds: future of contemporary art online, digital and internet art'.] 2) [From The Agenda with Steve Paikin (8 Jul 2014)]
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    • What is Digital Art?

      Digital Art or New Media Art is a term largely used to encompass various categories.

      Any form of art made with technology such as a computer or AI; plus any form of art that can be appreciated either physically (3D) or digitally (2D).

      Definition from Tate Modern:

      The first use of the term digital art was in the early 1980s when computer engineers devised a paint program which was used by the pioneering digital artist Harold Cohen. This became known as AARON, a robotic machine designed to make large drawings on sheets of paper placed on the floor. Since this early foray into artificial intelligence, Cohen continued to fine-tune the AARON program as technology becomes more sophisticated.

      Digital art can be computer-generated, scanned or drawn using a tablet and a mouse. In the 1990s, thanks to improvements in digital technology, it was possible to download the video onto computers, allowing artists to manipulate the images they had filmed with a video camera. This gave artists the creative freedom never experienced before with film, allowing them to cut and paste within moving images to create visual collages.
      In recent times some digital art has become interactive, allowing the audience a certain amount of control over the final image.

      If you are new to New Media Art, here is a list of books to consider adding to your shelve.

      - Christiane Paul, Digital Art, 3rd ed. (London; Thames & Hudson, 2015).
      - Melissa Gronlund, Contemporary Art and Digital Culture (London; Routledge, 2017).
      - Jay David Bolter, The Digital Plenitude: The Decline of Elite Culture and the Rise of New Media (Cambridge, MA; MIT Press, 2019).
      - Edmond Couchot, Norbert Hillaire, L’art numérique: Comment la technologie vient au monde de l’art (Paris; Flammarion, 2009). 
      - Hannes Leopoldseder, Christine Schöpf, Gerfried Stocker, ed., Ars Electronica 2018 Festival for Art, Technology, and Society (Berlin: Stuttgart; Hatje Cantz, 2018).
      - Omar Kholeif ed., I Was Raised on the Internet (Munich; Prestel Publishing, 2018)
      - Oliver Grau ed., Museum and Archive on the Move: Changing Cultural Institutions in the Digital Era (Berlin; De Gruyter, 2017).
      - Edward A. Shanken ed., Systems, Whitechapel: Documents of Contemporary Art (Cambridge, MA; MIT Press, 2015).
      - Bartolomeo Pietromarchi ed., LOW FORM. Imaginaries and Visions in the Age of Articial Intelligence (Rome; Cura.Books, 2018).
      - Dominik Landwehr, Medienkunst in der Schweitz / Media Art in Switzerland (Basel; Christoph Merian Verlag, 2018).
      - Claire Taylor, Place and Politics in Latin American Digital Culture: Location and Latin American Net Art (London; Routledge, 2014).
      - Pedro Gadanho ed., Eco-Visionaries: Art, Architecture, and New Media after the Anthropocene (Berlin: Stuttgart; Hatje Cantz, 2018).
      - Christian Ulrik Andersen, Søren Bro Pold, The Meta interface: The Art of Platforms, Cities, and Clouds (Cambridge, MA; MIT Press, 2018). 

      Recommended books about Digital Art by Marie Chatel, Editor at DANAE.IO
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