Marjan Maghaddam

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Marjan Moghaddam is a renowned, award-winning, and pioneering Digital Artist/Animator, known for her unique style of figuration/animation in 3dCG and critical discourse. She is the recipient of top awards/grants from the likes of Rockefeller Fund, selected for top festivals such as Siggraph (4 times), and has exhibited her AR art at Smithsonian. 

Her prolific exhibition history with computer art goes back to the 1980s, and she was the featured artist for the launch of the first NYC commercial Internet art gallery in 1996 sponsored by Prodigy Inc, and her early head-immersive installation of that same period went straight from Soho gallery to Internet pioneer Josh Harris’ CEO office in Silicon Alley. Hailed as “trailblazer in digital art and the “Digital Hijacker” by the press for her influential #arthacks which made Forbes’ Best of AR list, she was Adobe’s Artist-in-Resident for Aero and was featured in a BBC documentary When Art Goes Digital.

Her Crypto Art sells for high prices in the primary and secondary crypto market, are held in public & private collections, and she continues to create public art commissions in the US and Europe, with AR & lifesize permanent installation at Hillsborough Castle Park in the UK this year.

She will have a solo show at MoCDA in May 2021.






What is this talk about: As a pioneer in 3dCG and Digital Art, Marjan Moghaddam will take us on a journey through feminism, embodiment and #arthack interventions, spanning her career from the early days to the established artist today.

Why should I attend?

From important museum shows to viral animations, Marjan’s art practice offers lessons in expanding art history into the 21st century in authentic and persistent ways. Her pioneering techniques in each era have innovated aesthetically, technologically, conceptually, and philosophically. 

While technology creates flatness in culture, she has delivered profound, moving, and sublime works. Whether it be through her proprietary technique of Chronometric Sculpture which blends the ideals of animation with that of sculpture, to her unique approach to the digital embodiment that employs her figural vocabulary of 3d CG modelling and character animation, she has sought out the profound aspects of contemporariness through digital toolsets. 

A rare opportunity to hear from one of the very few women in the world with such a prolific digital art practice. 

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