Architectural Design

Experienced architects, over the last 20 years, we have designed many projects of various scale and scope. For each project, countless 3D models have been produced, textured, rendered, and optimised for real-time visualisation.

Immersive Realities

We have researched and developed a specific framework to design virtual environments and create immersive experiences for different purposes: education, cultural heritage, research, health, and entertainment.


People are at the core of this digital [VR]evolution. Our team is focused on educating and empowering creators, executives and consumers to create their own content and share it using existing Social VR platforms or bespoke solutions.

Ertu Erbay from Metaxu.Studio for Agora Digital Art

Ertu Erbay

During my career in various countries, I have developed a wide range of design skills working on projects varying in type and scale. At Zaha Hadid Architects for the London Aquatics Centre, at Rafael Vinoly Architects for the Leicester Curve Theatre and at Future Systems for numerous competitions.

More recently, I have been a member of an international architectural team in Kabul. Completed projects are Chihilsitoon Park and Machine Khana; both are public spaces.

My experience also includes archaeological photogrammetry development with the creation of virtual immersive experiences for two of Afghanistan’s historical sites: Noh Gumbad Mosque and Bamiyan Buddha.

I am now the design director and co-founder of, a virtual architecture practice. Our focus is to create immersive experiences for event organisers, artists or companies, and build their bridges into the Metaverse. 

In a nutshell, apart from refining my architectural sensibility, I have developed skills to transpose it into the digital realm and offer a glimpse into new spatial possibilities.

Project Portfolio includes the London Aquatic Centre (Olympic Swimming Pool at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park)

Pierre-Francois Gerard - VR architect for Agora Digital Art

Pierre-François Gérard

I am the founder of, a design practice helping people take advantage of immersive technology and real-time 3D graphics.

From architect and 3D visualiser to freelancer and entrepreneur, I have developed a deep understanding of the Virtual-Reality industry. Moreover, I even obtained a PhD focus on spatial cognition in immersive learning environments.

As a self-described VRchitect, I take pride in designing meaningful virtual architecture and thrive in enhancing people’s spatial abilities to navigate the Metaverse. I enjoy working with small teams, as it allows me to use my wide knowledge to solve different problems and iterate quickly.

When I’m not playing the last VR puzzle game, I enjoy swimming, cycling, and running.

Projects portfolio:

Explore Saydnaya collaboration with Amnesty International

Curaty venue example in WebXr

Summer bootcamp!

Learn how to create your VR venue in Mozilla Hubs!

Our partner will deliver a one-week bootcamp to help you to create and dress your social VR venue.

Venues for Agora Digital Art

  • Digital Residency: MORE by Gabriela Reyes for Agora Digital Art
  • Woman Artist - Digital Residency: Exploration - Ashley Zelinskie - Agora Digital Art
  • Woman Digital Artist: Emma Shapiro - Cuerpas VR Exhibition curated by Agora Digital Art
  • Women Digital Artists Samm Anga and Veronica Petukhov - for Agora Digital Art
  • Permanent Virtual Exhibition from our Digital Residents - Agora2
  • Scene built by Metaxu.Studio -Meta5: The Sublime | VR Exhibit for Agora Digital Art

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