Natasha Greenhalgh, Co-Founder Nxt Museum

Natasha Greenhalgh is a Co-Founder and Creative Director of the Nxt Museum in Amsterdam. Having studied at Chelsea Art College, Natasha is trained in Spatial Design and this is what drives Natasha’s interest in how the Nxt Museum can most effectively use its dynamic space to communicate its obsession with the future, constantly looking for opportunity & innovation. Natasha is devoted to ensuring the Nxt Museum is a place for the many, not just a few, opening up conversations to those who might have previously felt excluded. In the future Natasha is planning to incorporate more performances, music and dance into the Nxt Museum’s programme, connecting with a diverse variety of up-and-coming creatives in order to achieve this. Natasha is currently developing Nxt Lab, an educational space for experimentation, research, development & failure, designed to empower and inspire the pioneers of tomorrow.







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