Pierre-François Gérard

Pierre-Francois Gerard - VR architect for Agora Digital Art

I am the founder of Metaxu.studio, a design practice helping people take advantage of immersive technology and real-time 3D graphics. 

From architect and 3D visualiser to freelancer and entrepreneur, I have developed a deep understanding of the Virtual-Reality industry. Moreover, I even obtained a PhD focus on spatial cognition in immersive learning environments.

As a self-described VRchitect, I take pride in designing meaningful virtual architecture and thrive in enhancing people’s spatial abilities to navigate the Metaverse. I enjoy working with small teams, as it allows me to use my wide knowledge to solve different problems and iterate quickly.

When I’m not playing the last VR puzzle game, I enjoy swimming, cycling, and running. 

Projects portfolio:

Explore Saydnaya collaboration with Amnesty International

Curaty venue example in WebXr

Summer bootcamp!

Learn how to create your VR venue in Mozilla Hubs!

Our partner Metax.Studio will deliver a one-week bootcamp to help you to create and dress your social VR venue.

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21.06.23 Agora talk 28: Pierre Francois Gerard for Agora Digital Art
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