The founding members of The PLOT are Alex Coetzee (ssoft stuff), Ashleigh Killa and Max Mellvill (the MAAK).

Alex Coetzee - architect at The PLOT - speaker at Agora Digital Art

Alex Coetzee, Architect

ssoft_stuff is an art& architecture studio founded by Alex Coetzee in 2020. Alex views architecture as a form of cultural production in all its various mediums — drawings, models, buildings etc. The slippery territory between representation and the real is what he finds most interesting. As an artist, he has been pursuing a personal representational project that is concerned with ways of translating chance encounters with the outside world into images.

Ashleigh Killa - Agora Digital Art

Ashleigh Killa and Max Melvill, Architects

the MAAK is an award-winning spatial practice based in Cape Town, South Africa, led by Ashleigh Killa and Max Mellvill. With a core focus on public buildings and ‘public-space making’ the design-led studio is deeply engaged in what it means to be public and how this influences our everyday. Choosing to work predominantly in low-income and under-resourced areas, the MAAK is driven to renegotiate the inaccessible and elitist narratives surrounding ‘world-class’ design (whatever that means!) around the world.

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