Petukhov Veronica

Veronica Petukhov (b.1994) is a digital artist, VJ and art student. She was born in Italy to two Soviet Union immigrants. She moved to Scotland to study Contemporary Art Practice where her passion for digital art and electronic music flourished. 

She began live VJing in clubs for techno events and creating visuals for artists. Her university research focuses on Augmented Reality, filters and selfies.

The unique glitchy style of her videos and visuals is achieved with the manipulation of data and programs such as TouchDesigner. She frequently uses “ready-made” manipulated footage and glitched gifs, creating surreal effects and videos. 

She participated in many events and created videos for popular DJs, as well as being featured on different digital art platforms and exhibitions. 

Veronica Petukhov Statement

I am researching in-depth the issues of filters, selfies and social media curation on people’s psychology and self-esteem. I’m looking into selfie dysmorphia or also known as Snapchat dysmorphia, a psychological condition that causes an individual to prefer the “filtered” version of themselves.

I like to integrate aspects of club culture and underground electronic music which have become a huge part both of my life and my art practice. I want to merge the two together creating a 360º experience for the viewer with uses of vibrant videos and visuals, sound art and electronic music composition.

Corrupting and glitching files is an ongoing theme in my artwork, I want to continue to integrate that into my projects. Together with programs such as “TouchDesigner” I can add yet another layer of distortion to the piece. Through that type of node coding, I can change the reality of the artwork even more giving it another aesthetic and meaning.  Combining gifs and altering ready-made videos creates a digital surrealist re-elaboration of existing work. This “recycling” of video material brings a new life to files lost in cyberspace, giving them another opportunity to tell another story. I like to edit the videos I’ve corrupted and created in Premiere Pro, this gives me the opportunity to put together a narrative of these diverse clips.

With the addition of sound art, it creates an audio-visual experience for the viewer that will transport them into a digital world full of glitching colours and powerful images.


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