In this episode we will find out from three different perspectives how the Nxt’s current exhibition was formed and how it works to communicate the goals of the Nxt museum to strive for conversation, community and innovation

Host and Editor: Natasha Waddell | 30 March 2021

Exploring Shifting Proximities at the Nxt Museum

In this episode, the artist Heleen Blanken talks about her work Habitat as part of the Shifting Proximities exhibition at Nxt Museum, represented by the Curator of the show, Bogomir Doringer, and Co-founder, Natasha Greenhalgh.

The Nxt Museum: Shifting Proximities – group show until 30 June 2021 United Visual Artists Heleen Blanken Thijs Biersteker The Algorithmic Justice League Yuxi Cao (James) Roelof Knol Marshmallow Laser Feast Lucy McRae & Dr Niels Wouters

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HELEEN BLANCKEN artist for show HABITAT at Nxt Museum for Agora Digital Art
© Courtesy of the artist.

Heleen Blanken is an artist who has worked in a number of different mediums, from sculpture, photography, installation to digital arts and architectural approaches. Heleen studied at the  Gerrit Rietveld Academy and her work ‘Habitat’, which is currently in Shifting Proximities, explores dualities between technology and nature. The work evolved from studying natural history archives in Leiden’s Naturalis Museum, and operates with custom made technology ensuring an individual experience for each visitor that moves through the exhibit. The work combines nature and technology, exploring where the parallels exist between the two, encouraging new ways of experiencing nature.

© Courtesy of the Curator.

Bogomir Doringer is an artist, Curator of Shifting Proximities and Head of Education & Research at the Nxt Museum in Amsterdam. Bogomir’s interests and practices are hugely diverse, having graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy as an artist Bogomir then moved into film and a lot of his current work is driven by his interest in artistic research. Bogomir is fascinated by what knowledge can emerge from artistic practice and how this can become accessible to as many people as possible. Bogomir’s curation of Shifting Proximities draws from his involvement in club culture, looking at the choreography of the museum space and exploring how the Nxt can most effectively use its space to highlight the diversity of the New Media Art on display.

Natasha Greenhalgh, co-founder of the Nxt Museum in interview for Agora Digital Art
Natasha Greenhalgh, co-founder of NXT Museum © Courtesy of the guest.

Natasha Greenhalgh Co-Founder & Creative Director at Nxt Museum (@NxtMuseum) in Amsterdam.

Having studied at Chelsea Art College, Natasha is trained in Spatial Design and this is what drives Natasha’s interest in how the Nxt Museum can most effectively use its dynamic space to communicate its obsession with the future, constantly looking for opportunity & innovation. Natasha is devoted to ensuring the Nxt Museum is a place for the many, not just the few, opening up conversations to those who might have previously felt excluded. In the future Natasha is planning to incorporate more performances, music and dance into the Nxt Museum’s programme, connecting with a diverse variety of up-and-coming creatives in order to achieve this. Natasha is currently developing Nxt Lab, an educational space for experimentation, research, development & failure, designed to empower and inspire the pioneers of tomorrow.

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