In the second episode of Recentering, Beth speaks to the co-founder of DATEAGLE ART, Vanessa Murrell, about the ways the curatorial platform seeks to champion environmental and socially sustainable practice. 

Bethan Carrick  |  Ed MiMi Lamine  | 13 March 2022


Vanessa talks to Beth about DATEAGLE ART’s recent projects and discusses the everyday considerations that curators and gallerists go through to reach sustainable goals. Revealing how exhibition-making is not a simple path from artist to viewer, instead of being a constant mediation of multiple webs, Vanessa considers the path to achieving sustainability through curation.

About the guest

DATEAGLE ART is a London-based contemporary art platform highlighting emerging and under-represented artists, founded in 2017 by curatorial duo Martin Mayorga and Vanessa Murrell. The pair have established a diverse, creative community through their intimate approach to connecting with artists. Cultivating online journal content, studio visits, interviews, offline exhibitions and public programming, the platform engages in an extensive discourse, observed through the lens of the artists they work with.

Originating from Spain, Vanessa Murrell is an art curator, educator and writer based in London. Concerned with the inclusivity of emerging artists and neglected sectors, she co-founded the contemporary art platform DATEAGLE ART in 2017. She has interviewed 150+ UK artists, co-curated exhibitions introducing 50+ artists and expanded her activities with commissions, exhibitions, educational initiatives and public programming. Her texts have been published in  Coeval, Dazed, émergent, Flash Art, METAL, Ocula, Soft Punk and Something Curated.

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