The project is the continuation of Gilyté’s theoretical research (personal development as a performative practice) and her previous Instagram-based durational work, using various mainstream positive psychology tools in order to improve my personal and professional life as well as attract success in the art field. It conceptually had to end with institutional acceptance, which happened in 2020.

Elizabeth Richardson  |  Ed MiMi  | recorded on 1 July 2022

Neuroplasticity or I Love You Gertrūda

For this digital residency, Gilytė has produced a series of new photographs of the scarf series, now on display within her solo Agora Digital Art x Metaxu Studio exhibition space. Just as the bright green and vivid text of Gilytė’s scarves reference the highlighter hues that dominated design and fashion trends in 2021, much of this photography series playfully references fashion photography trends. The photos explore the scarves in context, examining how both the artist and others interact with the art object. The photography series is accompanied by a bespoke audio performance recorded by Gilytė for this residency, The New Sincerity (2022). For this solo exhibition, Gilytė invites us into a meandering neon green tunnel, encapsulating us within the scarf’s knitted zeitgeist.

Conversation between artist, Gertrūda Gilytė, and Digital Curator, Elizabeth Richardson (recorded on 1 July 2022)

Artist’s Porfolio

@i_love_you_gertruda #voiceover #knittok ♬ original sound - Gertrūda
Gertrūda Gilytė,  I Love You Gertruda (2022) © Courtesy of the artist.

♬ original sound - Gertrūda
Gertrūda Gilytė,  I Love You Gertruda (2022) © Courtesy of the artist.

About the artist

Gertrūda Gilytė,  I Love You Gertruda (2022) © Courtesy of the artist.

Gertrūda Gilytė (born 1992, LT) is a New Media artist whose work revolves around the theme of “personal development as a performative practice”. In 2022, she finished her MA in Art in Context at the University of Arts, Berlin. In 2016, she graduated from Sculpture Department at Vilnius Academy of Arts.  In 2015, she graduated in Political Science at Vilnius University. Since 2020, Gertrūda Gilytė is represented by Annka Kultys Gallery.

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2022, Réseaux-Mondes (World of Networks), at Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

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