In this talk,  special guest crypto artist, Snow Yunxue Fu, shared her experience with her NFTs.

NUMOMO  |  Ed YoungMi Lamine  | recorded: 19 March 2021

What is Life as a Crypto Artist with Snow Yunxue Fu?

NUMOMO Partner Event: What is Life as a Crypto Artist? (2/6)

Special guest crypto artist: Snow Yunxue Fu


They discussed how artists can use NFTs to sell their digital art, develop their brand and engage their community.

What did we learn?
  1. The importance of learning about NFTs and keeping up with the flow of information
  2. What are the benefits of NFTs
  3. How to balance a successful artist’s career and a sale perspective (DIY takes a lot of time, energy and money)
  4. A few books to read about NFTs

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Snow Yunxue Fu’s Porfolio

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