A pioneer in computing, new media and digital art, Tamiko crossed from using art to develop cutting edge technology over to using cutting edge technology to develop her art, breaking boundaries along the way for women and for technologists. 

Peter Traynor  |  Ed YoungMi Lamine  | recorded: 25 February 2021

Tamiko Thiel: Reflections on the Artist’s Way

The new podcast series Pioneers focuses on the digital artists who were the early adopter of art and technology. This episode is hosted and curated by Peter Traynor, Digital Contributor @AgoraDigitalArt
Tamiko Thiel talks here about her career so far as both an artist and as a developer of some of the first super-computers. She reflects on her experiences as a woman in both art and technology, not just in terms of obstacles she encountered but also the support she received. She also considers some of the barriers she encountered as she crossed from one to the other. And she talks about her new projects breaking ground in AI and AR and reflects on her future direction and on women in digital and new media art more generally.

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Artist’s Porfolio

Tamiko Thiel, guest artist in the project My identity is this expanse! (2020) film by @karolinamarkiewiczpascalpiron @ Courtesy of the artists.

Winner of Best Immersive VR Award at Cinequest Festival (San Jose, California)!

Proud to have been a guest artist on dream sequences for @karolinamarkiewiczpascalpiron VR experience “My identity is this expanse!


Tamiko Thiel, Touching Traces (2020) © Courtesy of the artist.

#touchingtraces #2020electiondiaries greasy fingers on ipad #fineartprints 2020-12-04 Pentagon blocks Biden’s access to military intel @nyugallatingalleries #farawaysoclose

About the artist

Tamiko Thiel, multimedia pioneer artist using technology for Agora Digital Art
© Courtesy of the artist.

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