Sammie Veeler’s work really embodies trans-magic, a constant queer discussion between her craft and herself. A soulful self-discovery encompassing multiple mediums. 

Amiel Maucade  |  Ed YoungMi Lamine  | 10 March 2021

Trans-Magic Identity Crisis – Sammie Veeler

Discover the moving story of Miss Sammie Veeler, a multi-disciplinary artist who mixes words and music in a virtual world.

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Sammie Veeler - multidisciplinary artist for Agora Digital Art
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Sammie Veeler is a Californian multidisciplinary artist. Her prolific production encompasses literature, music and virtual reality. From writing her own democratic and participatory novel based on James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, following a Surrealist legacy of the train of thought, to experimental and organic music producing, Sammie Veeler asserts her Jack of all trades status.

Coming from as much self-exploration as self-knowledge, her touch all work tackles identity issues and societal problems which could seem esoteric at first, but ultimately invites the visitor into her own realm.

With vulnerability and generosity, Sammie Veeler creates her theatre, constantly breaking the fourth wall and deconstructing the trans-ego.

Her creativity materializes in VR, as she helps run New Art City, a virtual gallery and exhibition toolkit to experience digital art.

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