This is Recentering, a podcast series hosted by Bethan Carrick. This podcast explores New Media Art, our environmental sustainability and what’s going on in the UK by discussing across the cultural sector.

Bethan Carrick  |  Ed MiMi Lamine  | 11 November 2021

Hello and welcome.

I’m Beth, your host for this new series called Recentering, which explores contemporary New Media Art through the lens of environmental sustainability.

The climate crisis is at the forefront of our collective mind right now. Whilst the art world’s impact on the crisis is small in comparison to industries such as construction and agriculture, it still has a part to play.

In the series, I want to recenter the conversation around art and the environmental crisis, demonstrating the ways in which art can engage audiences on an emotional level on these vital topics, transcending facts, figures, and politics.

I’ll be discussing with new media artists, curators and creative practitioners on the ways in which they push the boundaries through that practice in order to engage audiences with the environmental issues of today.

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