In this first episode of Recentering series, we chat with Creative Producer, Kate Farrell and Assistant Producer, Willow Bowen, from York Mediale.

Bethan Carrick  |  Ed MiMi Lamine  | 25 November 2021

York Mediale

Drawing on their national and international projects, they discuss how new media art allows them to explore humanity and nature, topics that are central to their organisation.

York Mediale is an International New media arts agency, originally founded in 2016 as a biennale festival. From their Yorkshire base, they represent artists and artworks, deliver new commissions and live events as well as are engaged with long-term interventions that support holistic artistic development. It is their aim to stimulate new thinking by working around the blurred edges of digital art.

York Mediale’s Porfolio

Marshmallow Laser Feast on ‘The Tides Within Us’ (2021) © Courtesy of the artist.
York Mediale, video by @Sodiumfilms recapping #YM2020 © Courtesy of the artist.

About the speakers

Woman in Digital Art: Kate Ferrell - Agora Digital Art

Kate Farrell a Creative Producer at York Mediale. She has 16 years of experience developing & delivering critically acclaimed exhibitions, installations and collaborative projects for cultural organisations including Manchester International Festival, The Lowry, BAFTA, the V&A Museum & MoMA (NYC). She has been at York Mediale as a Creative Producer for 2.5 years working with artists including Marshmallow Laser Feast, Kit Monkman and Rachel Goodyear.

Woman in Digital Art: Willow Bowen - Agora Digital Art

Willow Bowen is Assistant Producer at York Mediale. Having graduated from York University in 2020, she began as an intern at the organisation, working across the 2020 festival, and going on to become Assistant Producer upon finishing the internship. She works across their whole programme in collaboration with the other producers and artists, mostly on artist liaison, administration and installation.

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